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Family Issues

Me and my Fiancee have been together for almost 4 yrs, we have 3 kids and a beautiful home and everything going for us. He works and comes home, and I am a SAHM for the moment. We just had our 3rd child and family was so happy and involved and around and magically out of the blue our son was born and all my Fiancee's family pulled away and stopped speaking to us, they don't visit or call or even email. We invite them to whatever event we are hosting and get ignored or turned down. Mind you at one point we were all communicating and so forth and everything just stopped. We do not get it, and when his family does come they have become rude and won't even speak to me. We ask what is wrong and why is everyone so distant and everyone says the same thing no there is no problem. But one moment we were all one big family, always attending one another events or so forth, calling, emailing, visiting and things like that just don't stop

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Asked by cgrant2607 at 10:14 AM on Jul. 22, 2009 in Relationships

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  • Is the rest of the family doing well too? Maybe they think you are living large and they feel left behind and jealous. IDK Surely there is someone in the family who knows what's up that you can ask. Try a distant relative or someone married to a relative. They are usually ones who will tell you what's happening

    Answer by admckenzie at 10:21 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • No we invite them to everything, nothing has changed except the birth of our son. Nothing more or less. That is the weird thing.

    Answer by cgrant2607 at 10:28 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • JMO, Maybe having a 3rd child without being married is what is wrong. Maybe they heard something (rumor) they do not like about you.


    Answer by louise2 at 10:30 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • My guess is something happened. They should be adult enough to tell you what however. Seriously, sit down with anyone who will talk to you, maybe an extended family member, who may not have been involved but would have heard, and ask point blank. Explain that you aren't going to get upset, but if can't fix it, if you don't know what went wrong. It may just be a misunderstanding that can be resolved.

    Answer by Lesli at 10:35 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • The only thing we can think of is jealousy because his whole family is all single even his brothers and he is the only one getting married and settled down. But how can you be jealous of your own family.

    Answer by cgrant2607 at 10:45 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • If ya'll are anything like my family, thats what we do, for a few months we're one big happy family then something is said or happens and we all hate each other. Its a routine. but your in case, yes jealousy can happen. And like another poster said, they just might be mad at, this is your 3rd child, and why aren't you married yet? Things have been said, and I would get to the bottom of it.

    Answer by rebel07 at 11:25 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • Wow, it is weird that they are treating you like this it makes me wonder what made all of them turn on you like that. Do they still talk to your fiancee? If so maybe he can get one of them to tell him what is going on. It is also very weird that they won't tell you what happened, and claim 'nothing' is wrong when clearly there is. I can see maybe 1 or 2 people being jealous-- but all of them?
    If they keep up with the attitude you may want to think of not being around them for a while. Let them know that you are tired of this and until they can put whatever it is behind them and move on, you don't want to be around them.
    I hope you find out what is bothering all of them, and everything works out
    good luck

    Answer by MizLee at 11:29 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • lol see I told you it is one BIG mystery. Yeah families have their ups and downs but never no issues before, and then boom out of no where everyone switched up on us. And no they don't even bother with my Fiancee unless they want something or a basic question. We do not seclude them or anything we still act the same they are the ones that have changed. And the reason we are not married yet is because we have been saving and finally got everything settled and our new home and everything is in place so the wedding will be June 2010.
    But thank you guys for your answers, I guess it is a mystery that will never be solved. We tried our best, we keep in contact but they are all so distant. I know we are doing nothing wrong, I do my role to the fullest and the same goes for my Fiancee.

    Answer by cgrant2607 at 11:34 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

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