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Why is my son not gaining weight like he should be?

My son has had a hard time holding his formula down since I stopped breast feeding at 2 weeks. I didn't make enough milk. He started on regular goodstart then to soy when that didn't work now he is on Ailmentum. He doesn't spit it up but he has had diahrea since he started it and hasn't gained much weight since he was born. He was 8.2 when he was born 3 weeks early and will be 11 weeks fri and he is only 10.11. They haven't said at the dr what could cause they just keep having me bring him in to check his weight. Im just worried any ideas would help.

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Asked by JustHisMommy910 at 12:19 PM on Jul. 22, 2009 in Kids' Health

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  • Try some mothers milk for you and try to breastfeed him agian. And if you can't produce enough suppliment with formula then at least you now he is getting something that doesn't upset his little digestive system. Who nows the combination may just work. Try boiling the water you mix the formula with first. maybe it is something in the water as well. Other then that I don't know, Good luck.

    If you are going to breast feed agian I would recommend a supplement feeder. It puts a small tube on your nipple so you son can nurse and get something, until you produce more or to suppliment what you are. Also hook up with the La Lache League in your area, they could have more suggestion to get things going agian.

    Answer by DevilInPigtails at 12:27 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • At two weeks your milk would have barely started coming in. The more you breast feed the more milk you produce.

    Your doctor probably isn't overly concerned because your baby is gaining weight. I think that they are having you bring him in to get weighed so that they can make sure he is still gaining and not losing. I think that your baby is gaining ok since he was an early baby. Not everyone has a fat little baby right from the start.

    You could try to boil your water before making bottles for him or make his bottles with sterile water.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:44 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • How do you know you didn't have enough milk?

    Things you can do to help milk supply: make sure you get plenty of water. Get lots of dark leafy greens in, plenty of fruit, and get rested.

    What do you mean "like he should be"? Every child is different and seeing as the majority of people are overweight, most babies are born overweight and thus guidelines are based on overweight babies.

    I would try to breastfeed again - formula causes lots of problems and its much harder for a baby to digest.

    Answer by keyaziz at 1:01 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • It takes time for a baby's digestive system to adjust to a new formula, so he may simply not have adjusted yet. Most babies' digestive systems take a couple of weeks to adjust to a new formula fully, so the diarrhea may stop once he does.

    As for gaining weight, every baby has their own curve; some are slow & steady while others are fast & furious. Your baby might just be the slow & steady type and, as long as he is gaining on his own upward curve, there is no need to worry. Watching to be sure he is gaining & developing is a good thing for your son's doc to do, especially with the many formula changes. Diarrhea can also be a problem for young babies because they can dehydrate so quickly, which is another reason why your son's doc is probably wanting to see him more often, but as long as your son is feeding & urinating well, no worries there either.

    Answer by mom2aspclboy at 2:09 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • Diarrhea isn't uncommon when getting used to an extensively hydrolyzed formula like Alimentum or Nutramigen. If he still isn't gaining on Alimentum you might ask about Neocate, which is fully elemental. He could be extremely sensitive to milk proteins, and even the broken down proteins in the Alimentum may be too much for him to handle. We saw healthy weight gain when we went exclusively to Nutramigen. If it keeps up, don't hesitate to ask for a referral to a GI.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:33 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • I would take him to another doctor, a specialist and find out what is wrong. This is not normal.

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 9:16 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • I'm all for breastfeeding, and if you think you can relactate(which you CAN do) AND do an elimination diet(sounds like you'll need to cut milk and soy at the least) then do it. He will be healthier for it. But if that's too much to tackle, look in to Neocate and Elecare. And the Alimentium RTF, since that one is corn free.

    Answer by Arisce at 1:52 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • My son sees a nutrionist you can ask your primary dr to refer you if you need it as far as insurance,There can be numerous reasons why your son is not gaining weight,dont wait to long though I waited too long and it was a slippery slope and my son almost had to go on a feeding tube not to scare you,my son was put on a high calorie formula called neosure not sure if you have tried that yet,and now that he is 3 he is on duocal

    jennifer mom to austin 10 alexa 7 michael 6 cheaynne 5 and timmy 3

    Answer by jendramis at 12:11 AM on Jul. 26, 2009

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