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Can you call CPS on yourself? what would happen?

I have NOT hurt my kid in any way shape or form!!! I have NOT!!! but I think that if I do not get some help soon i will. I can't take it! What would happen if I called CPS and told then that I was having thought about hurting my kid? He has these fits where he flips out and starts hitting and pinching and running around and today he kicked me in the stomach when I put him in his room. This is after he hit and bit and pulled my hair all the way up the stairs. I was so enraged I could have beat him!! BUT I DIDN'T. I just want to know if they can help me not have these thoughts. I''m afraid I may act on them eventually. DH is no help. He works 2 jobs and is never home.


Asked by Anonymous at 4:39 PM on Jul. 23, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • Oh mommy.. my son is under 2 and I have felt like this from time to time since he was born -well, more than time to time and he's still under 2 - what is supposed to be the easier stages - I would really take some of these CM mommies help and look into programs before calling CPS. I understand your husband isn't around cause he works 2 jobs and your son is difficult - now just imagine you DID leave -you would be leaving him with WHO?? What if your husband got remarried? with a son being as difficult as this, no step mom would walk in and love him and be as patient as his own mother - even on our bad days. He'd be left alone and scarred. Believe me , I am FAR From bashing you because I recently thought about getting myself anger managemnet because I am at a loss right now - but I KNOW its not my sons' fault and he's a handful to say the least but its my JOB to figure out how to handle this. I know the words aren't coming out

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 5:09 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • I am glad that you are reaching out before things get out of hand. I don't know what will happen but maybe you can call crisis hot line and ask for a referral to a social worker. Your son's behavior is of concern. How old is he? Please call anonymously and ask for help maybe there are classes for anger management or stress relief. maybe there is something going on with your son's chemically or something is off. You are not alone, we as parent all get frustrated and it takes a good parent to recognize the signals that tell you is time to get help. Please if needed put your child in his bedroom, close the door sit down and take a deep breath, count and keep counting until you are thinking clearly. Again, how old is your child? In what state are you? I know Ca has lots of wonderful programs for mom's out there.

    Answer by bebita at 4:45 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • I understand completely! Believe me I do! If you are ok with it, you may send me a message and I will tell you my story of my experience like this. I promise I will keep you anon.

    Answer by jamesmommy12 at 4:46 PM on Jul. 23, 2009


    Answer by Alysia_Moore at 4:48 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • My son will be 5 in a few weeks. We are working with a Ped on his behavior but help is not coming fast enough. I really feel like I just want to leave the house. Like a divorce even. I'm not sure I'm up to sticking around to find out why he is the way he is. I never really wanted to have him in the first place and now this... I love him a lot, i just can't take it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:48 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • One of such programs is mommy day out. You leave your child for a few hours under supervised and professional care and you can talk with other mom's while having a cup of tea or coffee, breathing and feeling human. We all need human interactions. A FTM some times can isolate herself and not have a support group to allow for decompression time. You are not alone, reach out. maybe go to play dates so your child can play with other children while you breath and take a break watching from the distance.

    Answer by bebita at 4:49 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • it is brave that you are reaching out
    i do not know what would happen
    call a crisis line (in phone book?)
    they have better answers to resources available
    God bless
    how old is your son?

    Answer by boredmom44 at 4:50 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • I work so I do get away from him. Of course I work in Drama Central so it's one stress to another. I can't quit the job we need the money. I can't find a new one because there are few out there with the flexibility I have for Childcare to work. We are broke and I am broken.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:51 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • It sounds like you need help, is your son special needs? I hope you can find services that will help you and your son, you can call, or have a close friend call just for information. Look in your phonebook and see if there is a hotline in your area or look on the internet to see if something can help.

    Answer by midnightmoma at 4:51 PM on Jul. 23, 2009

  • I do also understand. I dont think its CPS that you need to call though. Well, then again, they might be able to give you some resources. Its possible that you need to take him to his pediatrician and explain the situation to him. He could give you some solutions and also help you find ways to deal with him. Its difficult when a child is SO out of control that theres no reasoning with them. My daughter was trying to hit her brother back last week because he did something to her and she ended up hitting me in the arm. It hurt...really bad and I lost it. I was furious because they were fighting in the first place, but I felt like they were totally not listening to anything. I had already asked them to stop fighting. It just makes you feel helpless and disrespected. Ive taken a paddle to their rear end for this type of behavior, but when I dont respond correctly or I am angry...I simply get them out of my sight. Time out for me!

    Answer by momofsaee at 4:52 PM on Jul. 23, 2009