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my dog is a shepard huskie, weighs 80 lbs. i just left for the store and came back and my dog had ate the leftover chocolate covered raisens , maybe 1/4 of bag left. there are no vets on duty in my area, its cornell university of nothing. will she be ok, any advice anyone. thank you all so much

when i came back from the store my dog had ate the choclolate covered raisens in the bag, maybe a 1/4 left. will she be ok any advice anyone thanks so much

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Asked by wardelmr at 11:19 PM on Jul. 25, 2009 in Pets

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  • do you have peroxide?? make your dog drink it bout (half the bottle) or till they puke its a natural thing that makes them puke (had to do that a few times with my curious dog) that much chocolate could affect him rather be safe then sorry

    Answer by preggoinmn at 11:24 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • You mean you're near cornell u? We lived there when for five eyars when myy husband got his doctorate from there but not a vet degree. They have a vet school and it's open 24 7 for emergencies. Your dog must be seen immediately. Just take your dog in now and after she's seen say you need a payment plan. You don't pay until after the exam.

    Chocolate can kill a dog or cat. Please don't mess around. Hope pup's ok!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:25 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • My dog eats whatever he can find, including chocolate. He will be fine, trust me.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:26 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • umm chocolate is NOT fine it can kill them.. what kind of advice is that.. so can onions

    Answer by preggoinmn at 11:28 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • Peroxide? that stuff burns going down. Have you ever rinsed out your mouth with it? If you won't do what second poster suggests then at least call their e r at cornell vet school and ask what you should do. they'll either tell you what to do or tell you just bring in dog anyway.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:28 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • It really just depends. If it makes you feel any better when my Collie was 2 years old, she got into a pan of fresh fudge on the counter and ate the whole thing. Then a few months later she ate 5 raw chicken breasts defrosting. She was completely fine in both situations. Not even diarrhea or anything. However chocolate can kill a dog so I think if you can, I would try and get her to throw up. I've never heard of the peroxide thing like the first poster said, but maybe it works?

    Answer by Ash9724 at 11:29 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • yea i have rinsed with it.. and actually its what our vet told us to do one time when my dog got into something after hours, nasty as it sounds it makes them yack!

    Answer by preggoinmn at 11:30 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • I agree preggoinmn. Your dog could be fine but you won't know it until days from now. Just take the dog in without calling your worried your scared they're an e r it's their job to help in emergencies.
    Any vet will tell you chocolate is deadly. That means it has a 90 percent chance of damage without care. preggoinmn thanks for the onions warning. I didn't know that. my dogs have never eaten them either but i didn't know about onions deadly.


    Answer by Anonymous at 11:33 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • wow peroxide!! i responded earlier questioning peroxide. I'd be worried as h cause of it burning down the throat swallowing it. I've used it on mouth sores and as mouth rinses and accidental swallowing does more than taste bad it literally has a burning feeling immediately after being swallowed. And I've burned a mouth sore using it before.

    We all pretty much agree op vet should be called. There used to be further down the street from the pyramid mall, don't know if it's still there or not. but in an emergency you'll sitll get seen by cornell.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:39 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

  • Not only is chocolate bad for your dog, but raisins are as well. How big was the bag? Is it a single serving sized bag like you would get in a gas station or a big family sized bag like from the grocery store? If it's a single serving sized bag, I really wouldn't worry too much, but would definitely keep an eye on him, but if it's the bigger bag, I would at least try calling Cornell's vets and asking about it.

    Answer by Christina807 at 11:56 PM on Jul. 25, 2009

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