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I wonder how many mom's give their baby cereal at 3mos, as opposed to 4mos?

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Asked by sbailey2009 at 3:10 PM on Jul. 26, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • I gave my dd cereal at 3.5 mos.... she pushed it out with her tongue (yes, a sign of not being ready) but loved it and after the second feeding that tongue thing went away. She seemed ready.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:12 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • i did, and he took it very well he swallowed it and was loving it. they say if they can swallow they are ready i was just messin around one day and decided to try it and it worked!

    Answer by ilovenoah26 at 3:14 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • We started solids at six months. If I had another baby, I would skip cereal and start with avocado.

    Answer by rkoloms at 3:15 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • i started both of my kids at 5 months.. my daughter ate it and was fine. my son on the other hand was not ready for it. he never liked the oatmeal and still doesnt but didnt really eat rice until he was 6 months bc then i would mix food in it..

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:16 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I started my DD at 4 months, but with the next I am going to wait longer.

    Answer by Mikayla_lynn at 3:21 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I did with my youngest. He has reflux and nothing was working.. even after giving his prescriptions and special formula, he still threw up EVERY feeding. I asked the Pedi maybe trying a little rice cereal before every feeding or so and she said that was fine.. Now he is 6 months, very healthy and no longer underweight.

    Answer by BEXi at 3:26 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I actually just mixed the cereal with applesauce at about four and a half months, when we started solids. I knew it was time because he had been sleeping through the night since 3 months, and suddenly started waking up again. We didn't do the cereal long at all.
    I do have a friend who started her kid on cereal like, literally, when he was about 2 weeks old, putting it into his bottle so that he would wait more than an hour to eat. He's now a healthy 19 month old, but I wouldn't recommend that to anyone under any circumstances aside from a doctor recommendation, which hers was not. :-\

    Answer by sweetphoenix529 at 3:37 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I never gave my son cereal. We started homemade purees at 6 months.

    Answer by Cassieniccole at 3:56 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I personally don't like it when parents do it without talking to the pediatrician to get the OK for it first. That's just my opinion, but it's not good to feed a baby solids before they're ready. It's recommended to start at 4-6 months and no sooner, but I've heard of lots of mothers putting cereal in the baby's bottle (which is another no-no IMO) at like 3 weeks or whatever to get them to "sleep longer" which really isn't true. My mom said she did it with all of us but it didn't work for me and she had to for my two brothers because the doctor said so. My son is 3.5 months and it seemed like he wasn't getting full so I called his doctor last week to see if I could start spoon-feeding him cereal and she said it was OK and now he does it. He wasn't quite ready at first but now he's taking it pretty good. Before we started this, he was sleeping all night from 9:30PM to 7AM and he still does.

    Answer by HisMommy414 at 3:58 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

  • I would never give my child solids at that age. They only need to play with it starting no sooner than 6 months and don't need it for nutrition until they are 12-18 months old.

    Answer by MoonLover06 at 4:39 PM on Jul. 26, 2009

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