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anyone else tired of "christians" just acting like it on Sundays?

I was raised in a pentecostal church. I even taught sunday school when I got older, but after some searching and seing how so called christians really act, I have lost faith in Christianity. My husband and I started going to church again and all i saw was hypocrites and ppl not caring about anyone except putting on a show for the pastor. the services all seemed geared to "entertain". I do believe in God but I want to find other believers that actually live the life. If you live by the Bible ppl call you fanatic, but I would rather someone be that way then confessing to b a christian than bragging about partying the next day. I cant seem to make my self go to church anymore, it all seems like a big joke. I can worship God at home and not have to be around those that aren't really even christains either. sorry to say, but other religions have more faithful true followers than Jesus. YOur opinion?

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:50 PM on Jul. 30, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • Don't base your opinion of the belief by the actions of the believers. Discover for yourself what they are all about.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 4:54 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • I TOTALLY can relate to you!!!!! It took me many years to find a sincere church. I found Word and Worship Fellowship and really love going. It is a nondenominational church. I am sure there are a few sunday only christians there as well, but for the most part the people are wonderful. Especially the missions that are done by the people. We def. believe in living by the bible. I don't see it as being a fanatic. We have connection groups that meet once a week. Even the youth are very involved with worship and servicing God. They too go on mission trips. Places like Skid Row, Guatamalla, New youk, Mexico, ect. They actually go to build houses 4 ppl, give hot meals and so on. I just keep praying and try to live my life the best way i can.

    Answer by team21 at 4:58 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • If God is so real why dont Christians act like it or speak up more??
    I agree with you, other religions seem more true than the Bible. at least thats how the followers act

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:59 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • I used to feel that way until God told me that my life is not dependent on how they live but how I live in Him. You need to take eyes off of those people yourself and eyes back on Him. You live the life He wants you to live. You be the example and see what happens.
    When we complain and speak negativly all we do is give power to it. Speak life over the church, pray for the church and you walk the walk He has called you. It is between YOU and HIM not YOU and THEM! :-) I also suggest asking the Lord to show you the precious things in these peoples hearts ... have your eyes see what He sees.. you will be amazed!

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 4:59 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • YES! I have a cousin, she is always telling me how I need to go back to church, blah blah blah. She goes on Sundays, sings in the choir, but without getting into details, she is NOT christian like during the week. You would never know she ever attended church.

    Answer by babycakes254 at 5:02 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • And Christians are not perfect, that is not my claim. I am saying, that she does a complete 180 when church is done on Sunday.

    Answer by babycakes254 at 5:03 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • I always say, don't deny yourself the truth or a relationship with God based on how some of his followers behave. That doesn't hurt them, it only hurts you.

    I believe the Bible tells us that God blesses the church and is present when his people gather in his name. We see that teaching, fellowshipping, communing and learning in groups was very important to Jesus and very important to those who carried on the church after his ascension.  People have been persecuted in horrible ways for trying to gather together and worship.  I hold my right to worship without fear sacred and take whatever opportunity I can to meet with others to grow, learn and share about our faith. 


    Answer by NovemberLove at 5:19 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • There are some great churches out there. I'm not trying to be rude but I think that there are other important aspects of the church, other than how some attendees of the church behave outside of church and trying to judge or label them as "not really Christian." Most of us have people like that in our church. I'm at least thankful that they show up so at least the opportunity is there for them to hear something and realise they need Jesus.

    Answer by NovemberLove at 5:19 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • I believe that some people no matter what religion there are do this. I have faith in good and people, but I don't follow just one religion and don't think any one should. I also don't go to church much, because i feel that I need to worship in my own way, not have some one else tell me how to do it. Yes, I read the bible and pray. My father in law is a christian and I think he goes over board on his praying sometime. Example he ask god for everything, Like god give my the strength to open this can and thing like that. I don't ask god for much. He already loves me and has given me so much. My mother fell down a flight of stairs 3 day before i was born. She almost lost me, but the only thing wrong with me was a broken nose when I was born. Second the doctors told my mother when I was very young that I would now be able to see by the time i was 15, but now I am 30 and can still see.

    Answer by ibeamomysomeday at 5:22 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

  • In the end, each person will be judged by their own actions and life. Simply because there are hypocrites everywhere does not mean that there are not true, sincere christians in this world...or right alongside those hypocrites. If you are truly seeking a relationship with God, continue to pray for where you need to be and he will lead you there. I felt alot like you did at one time and have found my way to a little country Pentecostal church....and for the first time I feel like I belong there, but it took many years to get there! It doesn't matter how the person next to you acts, they won't give account for you before Jesus, nor will you give account for them and their actions.

    Answer by KennsWifey at 5:42 PM on Jul. 30, 2009

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