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the infants/babies/children of unbelievers.

Is it true that their souls are damnd cause the parents are unbelievers? I am talking of babies and children who die of course whose parents don't believe in God therefore don't teach their kids about God. I read a passage in the bible that hints to this. I don't remember the text but tell me am I reading it wrong?!

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:09 AM on Jul. 31, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • No that cannot be right a baby is from God and one of Gods precious joys. That is not true and I have no where read that in the bible but we all do interpret verses different. I have seen some parents not believe in God but when their child got older they did. God will judge us for who we are and not what anybody else has done ( not parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents ect).


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:26 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • While "age of accountability" is not a Biblical term, Isaiah 7:16 speaks of a time before the child "knows enough to refuse evil and choose good..." Until that time God holds parents accountable. The Bible clearly indicates that it is the parent's duty to train up their child in the way he should go so he won't depart from it when he is grown, (Proverbs 22:6). They are to nurture their children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord," (Ephesians 6:4). Parents are to teach God's words to their children, "talking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up," (Deuteronomy 11:19).

    What gives us peace about the matter is the knowledge that we serve a holy, loving, just God. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth deal justly?" (Genesis 18:25). We serve a God Who values children (Psalm 127:3-5)
    Jesus has a big rocking chair; yet why take the chance?

    Answer by bloodbought at 2:38 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • Absolutely NOT! Babies and children - to the age of 13 - are innocents. Anything they do in that time span is not held against them. After 13, however, their actions will have eternal consequences.


    Answer by wildflowergal at 3:13 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • I thought 7 was the age of accountability?

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 3:37 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • Jul. 31, 2009 by: xxhazeldovexx
    I thought 7 was the age of accountability?
    and that is 6 for you right? Your age I mean.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:51 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • Wow anon, that was uncalled for...

    Answer by Koukla12905 at 5:58 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • ok, there is an age of accountability, however, I feel VERY strongly that the age varies for EVERYONE. I know some 9 YO that have probably reached that point, but a person with a mental disability(more severe cases) have the minds of 3 and 4 yo even though they are into their 20's and 30's I dont believe they have(and in some cases, ever will) meet that age of accountability. As to the OP I believe,regardless of parents religious beliefs, a child before the age of accountability(again varies from child to child) and ALL babies, go to Heaven if they die.

    Answer by TippyD at 6:32 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • What TippyD said! God is merciful and loving! His goal is to SAVE as many as He can, not pick through to see how many He can get rid of. There will likely be many,many children in Heaven that were born to parents who didn't make it there.

    Is this the verse you saw?

    Proverbs 20:11--"Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right."

    Answer by Lexylex at 8:06 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • Isaiah 7:14-15 says "Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. He will eat curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right."

    These verses are a Messianic prophecy referring specifically to the child Jesus (who can really be compared to no other child). It says by the time Jesus is old enough to eat solid foods, will have the ability to know between right and wrong. If it were taken literally and then applied to children who are not Jesus, it gives an age of accountability ending in just the first few months of life.

    The only instance of the Age of Accountability which is Bibically arguable is when the Isrealites grumbled against God and he caused them to wander in Canaan. Everyone under the age of 20, according to the census at the time of the grumbling, WOULD see the promised land (Num 14:29)

    Answer by NovemberLove at 10:38 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • Why would they get to see the promised land? "And the little ones that you said would be taken captive, your children who do not yet know good from bad--they will enter the land. I will give it to them and they will take possession of it." (Deutereonomy 1:39). Exodus 30:14 says that the children under the age of 20 did not have to participate in the "random offering."

    So, if there was a Biblically supported Age of Accountability, it would be when someone turns from 19 to 20.

    I don't believe in a Biblical age of accountability. Just as an age of accountability can be theorized, I can also theorize that any soul that dies and stands before God gets a chance to repent and accept God and entrance into heaven -faith still being required. God will let into heaven whom he wants to, I can only assume that a loving and benevolent God would not let a child perish, but it is only an assumption.

    Answer by NovemberLove at 10:50 AM on Jul. 31, 2009

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