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Has anyone got any ideas on getting the world's most stubborn 2 and a half year old boy to listen, even a tiny bit?

I tried many suggegtions and approaches, the old let them cry it out for tantrums, he does not tire or give in he will literally scream for hours on end if I dont give in. I tried praise when he did good, pointing it out only seems to present a fun challenge to him gettting the opposite response expected. I am at the end of my rope my nerves are frazzled. any ideas anything at all would be great.


Asked by ladykandaline at 11:51 AM on Jul. 31, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • comes around when she notices that i am having more fum than her fit, because i give her little to no attention when she does this

    her father was a head banger when he was little. his mom says he was even worse

    sometimes i turn and cry when she is like this because i feel so helpless

    but she is healthy and the fits are something she will out grow, i try to remember this when i feel i can not handle her outbursts

    she is a healthy toddler who is expressing her frustrations and thank GOD she is not doing this because something is wrong

    patience for the parents and in time I was assured that it will stop

    good luck
    you are definitely NOT alone
    your son's fits are a mirror image of my daughter's

    Answer by boredmom44 at 12:11 PM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • boy, not too many suggestions that you have not tryed yet
    I can say that I have a daughter who is 2 and sounds just like your son
    you are not alone
    my daughter will bang her head into the floor when she is having a fit
    ok when we are at home, i put her in livingroom, we have a carpet on top of another carpet, but when we are out, it is really hard
    have done a lot of reading and "they" say you can hold them and repeat claming things over and over =this does not work for us because she will thrash and sometimes has hurt me doing this, bruised my eye socket, head butt to the throat does not feel too good either, so I let her work her fit out, when we are out I have had to leave a whole cart of groceries, so i can get her into the car seat-safely secured yet still screaming, screams until she is wet from sweat and red in the face like a tomato.
    when she is at home & having fit, i play close to her & she comes around

    Answer by boredmom44 at 12:07 PM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • I know a key is being constant. when you try different appraoches, how long you do try before moving to the next?

    Time outs?
    positive response?
    Odd reponse? - if he's begging for attention, go give his teddy bear attention and ignore the child. Who know, it might get his attention. Or use the teddy bear to show him what you want.
    Exercise? whever he's starts getting cranky, make it a game to run from one side of the room to the other or outside in the driveway or grass. Wear his butt out! He won't have much energy to put up a fight and it's healthy for him.

    just ideas.

    I found the biggest problem at this at is communication. It'll take time for him to learn, but for now, encourage him to *show* you what he wants and to communicate by other means than just words or screams.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:51 PM on Jul. 31, 2009

  • hahaha. PS My daughter used to do the headbang thing too. And we have tile floors so she'd get mad and slam her head down then start screaming in pain. I felt bad, but after a few times it as funny. I mean, seriously kid, you gotta learn at some point! And eventaully she did. She's fling backwards but stop her head just before it hit the floor. Those made for some funny looking fits! OH, I'm going to do a question asking for your favorite fit description. Maybe that'll make you feel better! :)

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:54 PM on Jul. 31, 2009