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head lice please help

my son is 16 months old and has head lice already and i have it to, i was wondering if you can feel them move in your hair and i was wondering what are some of the ways to get rid of them, my son is clear of them but i still have some eggs in my hair. i was also wondering if other mother's went threw this so early with infants.

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:19 PM on Aug. 2, 2009 in General Parenting

Answers (6)
  • I hate to use chemicals for it, so what I do is put mayo on whoevers hair and cover it with a shower cap for 1 hr. Then comb out the lice and nits. The mayo smothers them. But I would do it again in a week and then keep running the combs in it everyday for two weeks.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:22 PM on Aug. 2, 2009

  • nix

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:28 PM on Aug. 2, 2009



    Check out this site.  Good luck.  Head lice sucks, we all got it when I was a kid.  All it takes is one kid and BOOM the whole 4th grade has it!


    Answer by BridgetC140 at 5:28 PM on Aug. 2, 2009

  • It is unusual for a child so young to have them, he must have been around someone that did. First you need to put all of his toys (stuffed animals) in a black plastic bag and tie it shut securely, this will smother any bugs that got on his toys. Bedclothes including pillows and blankets need to be washed in hot water. Bleach them if you can. The mayo will work, sometimes, but my daughter went through this for a solid year a few years back and I got some shampoo with coconut oil in it (I can't remember the name, but I got it at Wal-Mart, think it was CABBELLEROS or something like that, big white bottle with blue writing on it and a picture of a horse Not mane and Tail) anyway, lice don't like coconut and the oil won't allow them to stay on the hair but your hair won't be oily. They also don't like lavendar. It takes lots of work and patience, but they eventually will go away if you keep at it. Good luck and God Bless

    Answer by kustomkrochet at 5:29 PM on Aug. 2, 2009

  • Generally lice like hair that is at least two inches. I don't know if you can actually feel them but once you have them you certainly seem to itch more! We've had it in our house twice. I have two girls both with long hair and I, too, have long hair. My husband, not so much. He keeps his close cropped to his head so they don't care for him. I used NIX shampoo and spray. I washed everything in my house that would go into the washing machine and the stuffed toys went into a garbage bag for 1 month. I sat for hours picking every single one of them little buggers out of my kids' hair, vacuumed, sprayed and vacuumed again. I was also subjected to the picking from my husband who had to ensure my scalp was nit free. The "chemicals" are not as bad as you think. Usually it is a dessicant made from an herb that is not harmful to humans. Your local Poison Control hotline can tell you exactly what is in it for peace of mind.

    Answer by Blondie90210 at 5:55 PM on Aug. 2, 2009

  • I'd use the Nix on my hair if it were me. Or you can use cetaphil (good alternative to mayo). Totally saturate your hair then blow it dry. Ever strand has to be coated. Leave it on for 8 hours, rinse and repeat for days, like ten or until you don't see any nits left. You will itch.

    Answer by jeanclaudia at 6:38 PM on Aug. 2, 2009

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