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Should colleges change they way they run?

I have never understood why I (or anyone) should be forced to pay money to take courses that do not matter in whatever field you are taking. (for example, let's say you have to take a polysci course so you can write computer code for a living).
Wouldn't it make more sense (although obviously it would bring in less money) to charge people for courses that A. they want to take, B. are needed for their field?
Wouldn't more people be up for getting a degree if it took 1/2 the time because they didn't have to take 'unneeded courses'?
Wouldn't it be easier for those who don't have $$, since they wouldn't be paying for something they don't want?
What are your thoughts on this?
I look at it this way, if I go to McD's and order a big mac, they don't also make me take and pay for a double cheeseburger just because they want to make more $$.


Asked by ProudSingleMum at 3:43 PM on Aug. 3, 2009 in Money & Work

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Answers (9)
  • Yeah a lot is a pure waste. And even in HS it felt as if they were just putting things in the classes to keep kids there. I feel school would be better if they had courses and people could move along as quickly as they wanted. Espeically when you pay money, you should'nt have to pay for classes that truly aren't needed. Just another way for them to get more money out of people.

    Answer by SylviaNCali at 8:29 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • No, I like the way it is set up. It makes you a well rounded person. I would have never taken math, psychology, or biology had it not of been required. I did take those courses and I am thankful now, because I learned a lot of things that I did not know and I learned how to study a different way since those classes were a bit difficult for me. With your core classes or Associate degree that is the point of those classes. It is not to make more money but rather open your mind to new things. Once you begin your classes towards your Bachelor's then you will be able to take the classes that matter more toward your degree and your career.


    Answer by JeremysMom at 3:56 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • If you do not want to be a well-rounded person, then you can certainly attend a trade school and not take the gen-ed classes.

    Answer by rkoloms at 4:15 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • So the only way to be well-rounded is to take courses you have no interest in because someone else says you have to...well. I know quite a few people who aren't and never will be well-rounded by that definition. schools don't offer college degrees, not in all subjects. It isn't the same thing.

    Answer by ProudSingleMum at 4:22 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • Guess I am the only one who thinks it is ridiculous to pay for courses you won't need, just to get a degree in a subject that doesnt matter. If I want to be more well rounded I can go to the local LIBRARY and borrow books for FREE.

    Answer by ProudSingleMum at 4:23 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • while i think its ridiculous, doing it made me realize some things about myself...and it made my life alot easier....there is a method to the madness, but a tech. school gets to the point quickly, so if you dont want the gen eds go that route its def. cheaper in the long run

    Answer by sweetstkissez22 at 5:14 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • Which classes do you find to be worthless? How can you truly understand how American government works without studying political science?

    Answer by rkoloms at 5:18 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • You don't need a four year college degree to write computer code. Really, you don't. You can learn all you need to know about code writing from ITT Tech or from your local community college.

    But you DO need at least some political science education to be a more literate voter. Speaking of being literate, those English classes are pretty important too. Unless you ONLY want to be a code-writing robot.

    In college I didn't understand why I needed to take economics and political science and math. But now? Boy, I wish I'd paid more attention in economics class.

    Answer by gdiamante at 7:42 PM on Aug. 3, 2009

  • Do you know that you can get an education without going to school?

    How to Get an Education Without Going to School


    Answer by m-avi at 11:44 PM on Aug. 3, 2009