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c section and scared

ok so i finally got my wish and im now dialated to 1cm,im 38 wks, but my doctor says she weighs about 7lbs and 6oz. because she is so big (and no i do not have diabetes) and im so small, that i might possibly have to have a c section! but he is going to wait to check me out next week then he said we will what is he looking for between this week and next week and if he thinks i need to have the baby then will he try to induce me first to see if the baby will fit in the canal or will he go straight to the OR?

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Asked by dilemma1 at 6:43 PM on Aug. 5, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • OMG! Do not let this doctor do a c-section just because the baby is big! I had a 9 lb baby and I am only 5'1, I weighed 165 lbs at delivery. This is just an excuse for them to do a c-section. Research it online and weigh all your options before you decide to allow medical intervention in what is a natural process. By the way, they told me my son was going to be 10 lbs and he wasn't! These are just educated guesses on their size anyway!

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:49 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • He should wait to see if the baby will come out ok. They don't usually like to do c-sections unless they're 100% necessary. When I was in labor with my first (for 3 days) she was sooo stuck. I am 4'11 and 97lbs. I ended up having a c-section and she was 8lbs 14.7 ounces. When they did an ultrasound 3 days before they told me she was probably only about 6lbs! So...from now to then he's probably waiting to see how much you dialate and if the baby gets much bigger. C-sections aren't much fun but if you have to do it and you follow orders to heal properly you'll be fine! I did it twice and I'm the biggest baby around! Good luck *hugs*

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:49 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • That's weird that he thinks 7lbs is too big for you to deliver. My doctor let me go through 20 hours of labor before my c section and my son was 10lbs and I'm also very small. The average size for a newborn baby is 7 ½lbs so I don't really understand what your doctor is thinking. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I would just get a second opinion if I were you I guess if that's possible.

    Answer by militarywife976 at 6:52 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • I agree with militarywife. Why is 7 lbs too big? Mine was over that and I am small too!

    Answer by smzuzu at 6:55 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • could depend on her bone structure.

    Answer by staciandababy at 6:55 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • the doctor did say that my pelvic bones were on the small side but idk

    Answer by dilemma1 at 7:00 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • I don't know much about why the doctor would do a c-section for that...but I AM an expert on C-sections: #1 was scheduled because she wouldn't go head first into the birth canal. #2 was meant to be a normal delivery, but ended up in an emergency c-section because I had been in labor 22 hours and my cervix started closing instead of opening. # 3 was scheduled because hey, why not, I already had 2 and the doctor figured this was best. I'm lucky on the last one though. Had I gone into actual labor, my doc said that one contraction would have probably killed me and the baby because my uterus would have ruptured.
    So, as far as that goes....C-sections are good and bad....first you don't endure the hard labor that goes on and on and on...However, you do have major surgery., it does take longer to heal and get back on your feet, and I'm gonna be honest here, it hurts afterwards really bad......
    Either one is going to bring that

    Answer by lighthousemom3 at 7:15 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • sweet little baby into the world. But, your doctor does know about giving birth and all that than we do on here. I'd listen to his/her advice, weigh my options, and pray about it.
    I'll be praying for you too. God Bless you both....and GOOD LUCK

    Answer by lighthousemom3 at 7:16 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • it's sounds to me like he's just wanting everything to fit into his schedule. 7 lbs is not big. it's average. unfortunately there is no way to tell really if your pelvis is too small. but my bet would be that it's not too small. getting induced would increase your chances of getting a c-section so probably the dr wants to induce you, then do a c-section and say it was because baby was too big. :P can you tell i'm a bit cynical about the system? lol. if it were me, i would just wait until 41 weeks, and then try to do things as natural as possible to prove that dr that my body could do it! ;) but you will have to make all of those decisions on your own. good luck!

    Answer by Stefanie83 at 7:36 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

  • i have the same issue , But I have decieded to wait it out. I tell my OB in the morning. No c-section

    Answer by MrsNewMom at 7:36 PM on Aug. 5, 2009

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