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Mentally and phsically exhausted

I am sooo tired between working 40 hrs a week and than coming home and having to cook cleanand all the normal mommy stuff. I get off at 4,i have rushed home lately because i need to make my kids denitists appointments before they close so i have been trying to keep all that straight,I never relized how warnout i was until last night backing out of my sons friends driveway i smacked into their mailbox,my husbands tail light is banged up and the gas tank wont close completly and wont even open enough to put gas in it,that was my breaking point i just balled.My dh have had alot a problems because my garbage disposal wont drain,He said he would power wash the outside trashcans change the light bulbs in 1 of our bathrooms,and this was all about a month or longer ago and it still hasnt been done.I need his help i feel so alone ive tried talking to him but well i didnt get to far.I just dont know how to deal w this anymore.Pleasehelp

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Asked by proudmom34 at 11:44 AM on Aug. 8, 2009 in Relationships

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  • Are you able to take a little mini vacation for a weekend? Maybe even just staying at a friends house? Doing something fun? Than the things that really aren't a big deal, like a lightbulb, will not seem so big if you come home even a little refreshed. How much does your DH work? If he's not, than there's absolutely no excuse for it.
    I know how you feel sometimes. Work 40 hrs., the house is a mess, dr appts, etc. You don't realize it until one day you just feel like you were hit by a truck out of nowhere.

    Answer by jmpeskie at 11:48 AM on Aug. 8, 2009

  • get an allen wrench and manually fix the garbage dis from the bottom, change the lightbulb and who washes garbage cans? I can't believe you are stressing over this. Think of the single moms who have to do all of this and more and you hit a mailbox and think it's bc you are overworked for working full time and taking care of kids? OMG, this is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Just take care of crap, get the kids to bed earlier and you go to bed earlier. Tell hubby you will call a professional handyman in and he can pay for it if he doesn't cut the crap. Or better yet, withhold sex from him until he obeys all your commands. Geez, I don't believe this ...all over a light bulb, dirty garbage cans (imagine that, dirty GARBAGE cans) and a stuck garbage d. LOL

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:15 PM on Aug. 8, 2009

  • Its is all to real to realize your are drained and under appreciated over something like that!!
    I didnt realize it until I had a panic attach that felt like a heart attach after a death in the familly.
    take a break and dont stress over His Things He may realize it when you relax- May a few double meals and freeze then for next week every bit counts- Good Luck

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:06 PM on Aug. 8, 2009

  • You know what.... it is not all over garbage cans and why buy new ones at $30 dollars a pop when i can clean them out,nothing a little soap and water wont take care of. it is just everything coming home from work and having a pile of dishes in the sink and a trash overflowing a little bit of everything rolled into one,it is just like having a 3rd child.I cant believe how mean some of you ppl can be I was always taught if you dont have anything nice today dont say anthing!!!And to you other two thankyou verymuch i am glad to see i am not alone i think.I appreciate all your advice.I will try and do those things myself sometimes I am just afraid i will screw things up worse than they already are.It is just upsetting and frustrating that he sits on the computer and watches t.v. when i do my share and more.

    Answer by proudmom34 at 3:35 PM on Aug. 8, 2009

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