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Does every dog that bites a child needs to be put down?

My little one bit a boy in our home last week, something set him off and I dont know what, him and my son were playing wii and all of a sudden I heard screaming, growling etc. The dog got him in the area around the left eye, but not too severely, as some people said, they had seen worse. It doesnt mattethat it wasn't so bad, I felt horrible, we took care of the boy, locked the dog in a different room, called the boy's grandma, who is my friend. When she showed up she demanded though that the dog be put down. His sahot were due this summer, but not current yet. I fully cooperated, gave the dog up, he is now at a vet for 2 weeks to see if he has rabies and after that time he will be put to sleep.
I just want to ask if it is a normal procedure to euthanize the dog, or do some of them get away, and you just try to keep him away from any children.
I hear lots dog owners not to come up to their dogs since they don't like children.

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Asked by BeaMoore at 9:31 AM on Aug. 9, 2009 in Pets

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  • it's a sad situation when you have a parent/grandparent who is that hasty to kill a dog....i would look at if the dog was provoked and if so then you have to reevaluate....i would never let my dogs be a lone with kids for any amount of time ( i have 2 pitbulls) and I wouldn't want the opportunity to present itself....not EVERY dog gets put german shepherd (which is a wonderful family dog) bit me when i was 4 b/c I stepped on his foot. He bit me but it wasn't his fault. dogs are animals and act on instinct. You will get a lot of people who say dogs are evil they should die yada yada yada....if it was me I wouldn't comply that easily.....just b/c a grandma got pissed off. I would argue it and fight it and suggest that the dog might have been provoked. but taht's just sorry for your situation.

    Answer by calliesmommie at 9:49 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • They don't put serial killers down so quickly, like they do dogs.

    Answer by BeaMoore at 10:06 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • It is sadly best to put the dog down. Biting is some what of a dominance issue even if it was provoked by some one else, if they get away with biting once over something they will think it is acceptable to do in the future and it is a extremely difficult thing to correct in a dog.

    I'm sorry for your loss Bea, it is hard to loose a family member, especially under circumstances like these. ~Hugs~

    Answer by MythicMMM at 10:07 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • If I could afford the Dog Whisperer

    Answer by BeaMoore at 10:11 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • i have 2 of the SWEETEST basset hounds but one day the male was chewing on a ham bone (i didn't know what it was, my neighbor gave it to him) and when i went to look, he bit me.... i was like "chill i don't want your ham bone" i'd never put a dog down for that kind of biting....

    also, never EVER let a small child play alone with a dog

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:38 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • I can see both sides but the gramma overreacted without thinking. Since no one was in the room(never do that again btw) you dont know what happened on either side. I would say if this truly is the first time your dog has ever bitten anyone, including you, then bring him back home and never ever let him around the kids again. actually as ssad as it may be, if I had other peoples kids in my home, I would lok up my dogs for most of the time, unless I was right there as one dog at a time was allowed out but leashed. Its a good way to teach kids how to play with a dog wiothout disrespecting them. good luck hon, go get your dog and hope fior the best.

    Answer by Bearsjen at 11:32 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • I thought you had to have two recorded bites for a dog to have to be put to sleep by law. At least that's how it is here.

    As for how I feel about it, I don't think it's right. How in the world can you expect an animals to NEVER in it's life defend itself? Kids hurt dogs very often when they play with them and the dog is expected to just sit and take it. In the case of a kid cornering a dog and unknowingly being too rough with it, I don't think dogs should have to be put to sleep for that. It's not like they have any other line of defense.

    Answer by metalcowgirl34 at 11:32 AM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • no cause most dogs give warnings--a growl or even leave the area. Sometimes kids follow them or continue to mess with the dog since humans don't acknowledge a dogs warnings. I think if the dog attacks and maims than yes. But no to your question.

    Answer by pagirl71 at 12:07 PM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • i wouldnt of put the dog down right aways exspeacialy if he didnt have a history of aggression even if it was my kid that got bit but then again ima animal lover and i know animals will be animales and will bit if provked or scared

    Answer by rainmommy at 12:15 PM on Aug. 9, 2009

  • My friends are trying to console me and say that it was a way of the dog's expressing himself that all the commotion in the house, playdates, kids coming and going all the time, all too much for him, not to mention to me. I have had this problem for a while,us inviting kids here to play with Andrew but him never getting invited to other kids' homes.

    Answer by BeaMoore at 1:15 PM on Aug. 9, 2009

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