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Getting a little scared I am suppose to go in for a C section I am terrified of having a big fat scar is it bad??

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Asked by Xsexyjessy4youx at 7:16 PM on Aug. 12, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • I've not had a C-section, but my best friend has, and so have other women I know. The scar is usually minimum. My best friend can wear a midriff or sports bra and you'd never know she had two C-sections!

    Answer by Emuu at 7:19 PM on Aug. 12, 2009

  • If all you are worried about is a scar and not the complications that can arise from a c-section than I'd say you are a little warped. Think of it as a birth kiss that you got from the miracle of your child

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:19 PM on Aug. 12, 2009

  • my scar is probably 1/4 an inch thick and maybe 4-5 inches long....the c-sextion its self wasnt painful for me(afterwards was no big deadl either...i took no pain meds) just make sure to clean it every day about 3 tmes with rubbing alcohol....thats what i had to do...once your staples or stickes are out then use like mederma to make it fade.....but yeah the scar its self..i cant een ntic mine....its faded to my skin tone, and its just a scar...nothing horriblelike say 2 inch thick scar...itll be ok

    Answer by Mamaof2boys0709 at 7:21 PM on Aug. 12, 2009

  • It's not too bad. My scar is probably 8 inches across, and it's so low that almost every pair of underwear covers it. Mine healed smoothly, and I was out walking after just two weeks (as in, 4 mile walks).

    Answer by musicpisces at 8:44 PM on Aug. 12, 2009

  • Take an ink pen and draw a line on yourself and that's how thin my scar is. No biggie. The pain afterwards was the problem. And my scar is low, below my bikini hair line so no one ever sees it. Actually, if you take into account nipples and a navel, it looks like a big smiley face ;)

    Answer by Jessy0419 at 11:14 AM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • Mine is so small and in my hair line that if you didn't know that I had a c-section you would not even know it's there.

    Answer by rjsmomma521 at 12:07 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • Thanks so much and as for the shady bitch that answered get a life and I have to have a c section because I have a heart problem and would die giving birth is that enough of a reason for you??sorry I give a fuck about my body if your gonna write nasty comments atleast show your face if you feel that strongly then be real and take a stand don't hide like a child...

    Answer by Xsexyjessy4youx at 12:04 PM on Sep. 21, 2009

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