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do you haveany premature births stories?

I had PRE ACLAMPSIA when I was pregnant with my son it was so bad that I had to stay in the hosital for a few months! I went thru a lot of ups & down.... to make a long story short I had my son @ 5 months he weighed 1 pound! That whole ordeal was just horrible I could remember evry time something happened & they had to rush him in to either surgery or give him a blood transfusion but that god my baby is happy & healthy & turnin 2 in a few weeks


Asked by jaidah917 at 6:49 PM on Aug. 15, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (7)
  • i had 26 week twin boys both 1 pound 13 ounces and 14 inches long ..they are now 13 months and still have a a ton of medical issues, they are getting better each day, they still live in the hospital and recieve all types of therapy ..between them they have had twenty surguries..their stories are too long to tell. but what i can say is they are the epitomy of strength..if you want to know more about their birth u can check my page

    us preemie mommys were handpicked ..its a hard thing to handle and if you made it through be proud

    Answer by ARRI23 at 9:31 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • Ohh no!! :[
    Here's mine:
    I went in for a regular check up and was found to be 3 cm dilated at almost 22 weeks. I was put into Labor and Delivery IMMEDIATELY - and stayed overnight. The hospital I was supposed to give birth at was not equipped to handle a preemie that early. So I was careflighted the very next morning/afternoon. I was put into the Labor and Delivery - then into a different ward... can't remember what it was called. I had multiple steroid shots in the butt to develop my son's lungs, then I got fluid in my lungs from the medication to stop contractions and had severe chest pains... then I got a UTI from the catheter... It was a nightmare.
    After being on strict hospital bed rest for 4 weeks - I started going into labor at 8.30 on June 6. For 5 and a half hours, I fought with a handful of nurses. Head nurse said I was going into labor, my night nurse said I was not. NOBODY would check my cervix, nobody would call

    Answer by K_Sawyer at 6:57 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • my brother was born at 4 and a half months weighing in at 1 pound and 8 ounces he is now almost 18 and has cerebral paulsey...he is my miracle

    Answer by tiffandgene2009 at 6:57 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • my OB...
    Finally, he showed up around 2.30 - checked my cervix and I was 6.5 cm dilated and had an emergency cesarean.
    My son was born June 7, 2008 at 3.17 AM weighing 2 lbs 12 oz. :]
    He was in the hospital for about 3 and a half months, and the only thing he had wrong was a little jaundice - thank God.

    Answer by K_Sawyer at 6:58 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • Wow no 1 knew that I had pre aclampsia they found out when I was on the boarder line of eclampsia they kept me in the hospital for a few months on steroids & magnesium soulfate after they noticed that it wasn't really heping they rushed me in 4 an emergency C section my son was born on sept 17th 2007 @ 643pm they also noticed that my plecenta had split (continued)

    Answer by jaidah917 at 9:04 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • My son had so many complications he had jaundice he had an infection that was eating away @ the lineing of his stomach they were afraid thay they would have to do surgery to repair it but he was only 1pound 5 ounces they would have had to take all of his small organs out of his body & piece it back together!!! Luckily the meds worked fine...

    Answer by jaidah917 at 9:11 PM on Aug. 15, 2009

  • My son was hospitalized for 4 months and in that time he suffered from sleep apnia one day it took them almost 5 minutes to resesitate him.. By the grace of god my son is alive & well healthy as an ox he walks talk plays & does any & everything that a regular sized baby would do

    Answer by jaidah917 at 9:16 PM on Aug. 15, 2009