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I'm going to through a very hard time in my life right now, and it seems that everyday it is hard just to make it through. Does anyone feel this way?

Or have you ever felt this way? If so and you made it through can you share some of the things that helped you to make it through? I've thought about suicide but I don't think that I'd ever really do something like that because I have a child to take care of and I know that it would effect him for the rest of his life. I also don't want to do that because what if tomorrow just happens to be better? I'm just tired of thinking about this. I'm going through a divorce too so that doesn't help. I'm not looking for sympathy, just some tips from others who've been in this situation before. I hope that it's only for a season and that this too shall pass. I think that the only reason that I always think about suicide is b/c I had a brother that committed suicide. Oh, and I put this in the "Just For Fun" section because I wasn't sure where else to put it but this isn't a joke. Thanks

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:17 PM on Aug. 19, 2009 in Just for Fun

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  • i have been through hard times of course like everyone

    i try to remember the past and something that was really hard for me that i made it through
    i try to feel how huge this problem was at the time, then remember that i made it through that, how much smaller it seems to me now and really try to keep in mind that this present problem will be overcome and one day i can look back and feel it was not so bad and i know i can make it through because i have in the past and i am fine now

    just part of life, trails/hurdles to get through, over them, around them however you do it, you always do it, just seems too big to get over when you are right in front of the hurdle

    does this make sense or am i talking out of my ass (lol)
    oh yeah, keep your humor, laugh at yourself

    Answer by boredmom44 at 2:23 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • hmmm... you need to build a relationship with God and then go from there... maybe go to the dr and get some medication for depression... i have been really down and alone for awhile now, and i have started going to church, meeting people, joining womens groups... it really helps..

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:24 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • Yes. I've been through this. I got pregnant with my second child and this stopped since I realised I had to pull myself together for her and my existing daughter, I now have 4 and am very happy. I think you just need to realise that it WILL get better. Find something that makes you feel better, take some time out for yourself. Go to a counsellor...maybe, consider these options. If you ever really need to talk message me. I don't judge and I understand what this feels like.

    Answer by mommatomanyy at 2:25 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • well suicide is never a good option. Their are so many things you could do to start feeling better. It way help if you speak with someone, a counselor or minister or just a friend. Start thinking abut all the things you would like to do with your child in life. Try to keep a praise journal and write down everything positive in your life some days it may only be the sun came up, but other days you will see things you are truly grateful for. Sometimes it helps to write a letter to people (likeyour ex) and explain how he hurt you, get all your feelings out, then throw it in a bonfire or tear it up. Knowing no one will ever see it helps you truly express yourself...destroy8ing it helps you know it is out of you and gone now. msg me if you need someone to chat with. Keep reaching out, know u deserve happiness and you are special and your child needs u!!!

    Answer by ria7 at 2:25 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • Well, I did, but it ended up I had an undiagnosed thyroid problem. I had major depression that *mostly cleared up when I got on meds. Now when I have bouts of it, I remember what it used to be like, and realize as bad as it feels I can get through it. Other things that majorly help: my faith in God and prayer (yes He helps me); and the support of someone who can take over some of my jobs while I do what I can. Even if you just have a girlfriend you can go over to vegg while the kids play, it will help. Stay in there, we're here for you!

    Answer by cocoamug at 2:27 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • I can competely understand where you are coming from. I know the days when it is difficult to get out of bed because you dont feel worth anything...the blank mind frame or the crazy, out there, wild thoughts (the suicide thoughts). The time when you feel like no one understands how you feel or whats going on in your minds...ya I have been there and I still struggle everyday with this. Therefore, my advice is to go see a psychologist, I finally went after 8 years of suffering like that and when I went I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ocd, major depression and agornaphobia. I would say that it was the best thing for me because now I work with a therapist and psychologist to help me deal with my emotions and how to overcome some of my thoughts. Good luck I hope you feel better....

    Answer by saysha100687 at 2:31 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • Thank you ladies so much. It's nice to just have someone to give me some ideas as to how to get through this time. I like the idea of writing the letter and then burning it. I also would really like to get into some counseling. My stepmom keeps telling me that she's going to take to counseling but she never follows through with it and I would love to join some groups too. Hopefully some of these things will help me. -OP

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:32 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • HOW DID THOSE OF YOU WHO SAW THERAPISTS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS AFFORD THOSE THINGS. That's my problem, I don't think that I could afford it. -OP

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:37 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • There are also some really great groups here on CafeMom with other moms who are going through a divorce. We can offer each other support, advice, an outlet - in this tough time in your life, it can be reassuring to know that you're not alone & other people can understand what you're going through.

    You can click on "Find Groups" and type in divorce ...

    Answer by jj.mominmd at 2:38 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • I had a very similar experience last summer...I didn't think it could be anything other than just me being crazy me, but a very concerned friend finally made me contact my Dr and I was diagnosed with post partum depression (how could it be! my 2nd daughter was already 8 mo old!) but finally getting some help and talking for real to someone...anyone finally helped me think straight. I did have to go on meds, but I was finally able to think rationally and finally found a true connection with God. My one BIG thing is don't try to keep doing it aren't supposed to do it alone and shouldn't. Go see someone that will understand and help, and you can be back on track being an awesome mom. - S

    Answer by skh1213 at 2:38 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

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