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my 3 yr old knows it all........

i tell her the grass it green:"no its not..."
i tell her she is a big girl.. "no im not......"
she has a story for everything!
answer for everything!
how do i handle this? i understand she has her own mind of how things work,but shes persistant and THINKS shes like..
when its bedtime..."no its not...."
obviously i cant let her have her! argue with her? ignore it? idk!!!


Asked by mamacita4two at 10:17 PM on Aug. 19, 2009 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (5)
  • its all good momma shes just learning she is independant & has her own thoughts! She split physically around the walking age.. and now she is going through the PRE TEEN stage of being "mentally" independant...
    Xanayda has a good idea -- be one step ahead of her when you can. you can get her to learn & laugh at the same time with a lil hamming it up ... Acting silly/dumb with ur dd at this age can be really fun for her & on a level boost her esteem! If she sees she is right or gets "her way" NOW she may be a little more OK with being wrong later (on more serious matters) or being told no on discipline issues...
    Be TOTALLY CONVINCED that shorts go on ur head.. or gloves on your feet ... and let her teach her whats right! Asking her the 5s (what, why, when, where) will get her brain to ticking.. and can be some HILARIOUS answers. :)

    Answer by MommaTasha1003 at 1:02 AM on Aug. 20, 2009

  • seriously, ignore it. responding will reinforce the comments, and just set up a silly power struggle. Your child is just asserting their independence in thinking. They wont grow up thinking the grass is blue...
    Continue to state facts and move on. I know its frustrating, but just think of it as practice for when they are teenagers. they will tell you how stupid you are then. LOL

    Answer by giftmom at 10:32 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • lol thats just the childs ago. My son is the same way. Sometimes it can get very entertaining, other times, it gets annoying!!!!!!

    Answer by Gavsmama06 at 10:36 PM on Aug. 19, 2009

  • ha ha i would just say silly stuff like "grass is pink" and see if she will tell you the right answer... I would get her before she could get me! lol good luck!

    Answer by xanayda at 12:38 AM on Aug. 20, 2009

  • At this age it is all about CONTROL! Choose your battles, let her make choices whenever she can. Maybe both of the choices are something that you want her to do, but if she thinks she is choosing, she thinks she is calling the shots, in control. This teaches her to make choices, but also realize that we do not always have a choice. For example, at night before bed, let her choose her clothes for the next day. At lunch, let her choose what she wants to eat. In the evening, let her choose bath or shower. Good Luck!

    Answer by LovetoTeach247 at 2:55 AM on Aug. 20, 2009