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is it totally terrible to sleep with my 5 week old at nite? once in a whils she'll sleep in her basinette, but mostly she'll sleep with me

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:18 PM on Jun. 23, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (14)
  • NO! It's called co-sleeping and millions of people around the world co-sleep. Check out the co-sleeping groups or the "no CIO" groups here on CM and you will see that there are a lot of co-sleepers. The important thing is that you make sure you are not smoking or drinking before bed, not taking any kind of sleeping pills, and that you have a safe bed for the baby. No huge fluffy blankets or pillows that she can get caught in.

    Answer by sapient at 12:23 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • Why would that be terrible? Mine never sleep/slept with me, but that's my personal choice. I don't see anything wrong with sharing your bed with your kids.

    Answer by Mangy_Momma at 12:23 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • has great information on co-sleeping! DH and I love our baby snuggled in bed with us.

    Answer by MalhotraFamily at 12:26 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • It is all a matter of opinion!!!!

    it's up to your wether this arrangement is most comfortable for you and your baby. Some are against cosleeping, b/c the infant can suffocate between blankets, pillows, you etc.. Many agree with this type of parenting. It slows the baby's heart rate down, makes her/him more secure and comfortable..

    In many countries this is the appropriate way to care for your baby. You think in China the baby has it's own room with his own bassinette?!? Nope...

    It's only in America and a few other countries that cosleeping is such a debate.

    if you really want to know about the good side of cosleeping read "Baby Book" by Dr.Sears, he believes in attachment parenting, and has some amazing ideas!!!

    Answer by newmommyy322 at 12:31 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • I've co-slept with my DD since day one. She now sleeps in her crib which is right beside of my bed (at 10 months) most of the night..but gets up around 7AM and sleeps with me until 9AM..and sometimes when her gums are hurting her or she feels bad she sleeps with us all night...i love it.

    Answer by kelcee_eric_bry at 12:52 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • Lot's of people co-sleep. There are dangers though...
    The baby could become trapped in your blankets and suffocate.
    You could roll over on to the baby and she could suffocate.
    She could fall out of the bed.
    You could end up with an child who will not sleep in her own bed.

    Co-sleeping wasn't for me but if you want to do it, just have a plan to prevent the above problems.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 1:18 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • No, it's not terrible. Your baby is very young - do whatever you need to do so you can all get some sleep.

    Answer by cafemama at 2:16 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • i sleep with my 2 kids. i breastfed my toddler until she self weaned at 13 mo. and my 11 mo still nurses. i feel that co-sleeping (or family bedding as its also called) helps both my children and myself get the most sleep. when one wakes up i'm right there to help guide them back to sleep without much fuss. i dont worry that they are cold, or hurt because i am right there. SIDS can also be reduced by co-sleeping because you can respond quickly if your babies breathing pattern changes. just make sure they dont roll under a blanket or pillow that they cant get out of. we use a side railing on our bed to ensure no one rolls off the bed. i enjoy the closeness and the bonding that comes from co-sleeping, i hope you do to.

    Answer by moomoosmama at 2:44 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • Co-sleeping is fine. I can't do it while my husband is home though, because he is a very heavy sleeper and rolls over, punches, and kicks to much. When he leaves for work at around 2:00 am and my 7 mth old baby wakes up then I put her in bed with me. You'll need to be careful though when the baby starts rolling over, crawling, and walking because they will wonder to the edge of the bed and fall off. Good luck.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:04 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

  • No co-sleeping is just fine. I still do it with my 16month old. I sometime just to tired to sit up and nurse so I nurse my 3week old laying down and then she & I just fall asleep. I think you are just fine don't worry about what other people think too. Do what you feel is right for you and your baby!

    Answer by sunsweet at 3:33 PM on Jun. 23, 2008

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