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I got my membranes stripped yesterday about 2:00 PM nothing happening yet, except for cramps-

Do you think primerose oil will help things along- I REAALLLLY don't want to use it unless it could possibly help, because it STINKS- and honestly, its the LAST thing I want in my Hootie Hoo-
I am single, So sex as an option is out :(.
Any other suggestions.

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:11 PM on Aug. 21, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (10)
  • I believe I read recently that getting your membranes stripped "works" for inducing labor about 1/3 of the time. It's highly unreliable, so don't get your hopes up.

    I understand that you're anxious and ready to have your baby, but YOUR BABY WILL COME WHEN HE/SHE IS READY TO COME. I'm a firm believer that women would have much easier labors if they would leave things well enough alone and let the baby come in it's own timing.

    That being said, I was induced with my 1st and had my membranes stripped w/ 2nd and 3rd as well as had my water broken for me with my 3rd. BUT I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and am not planning to have my membranes stripped, water broken, etc. this time around.

    The stripping of my membranes was not an effective "labor inducer" with either of my middle pregnancies.

    Answer by fluud7 at 2:19 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • Oh hunny, I bet you are more than ready to pop that baby out! :) But please save yourself the embarressment and dont do the Prmerose oil because if you did go into labor your gonna have a mess of diahreaah! Last year I was pregnant with my 3rd and tried EVERYTHING. I even walked like crazy. They say gently bouncing up and down on an exercize ball is suppost to help but nothing. I would say walking would be your best bet. The day after my mom and I walked almost 2 miles, my husband and mom took our kids bowling and I sat and watched, nothing, then the next morning I went to the hospital for having contractions and was dialated to 4!! So walk, walk walk! And GOOD LUCK!!!

    Answer by angieluv at 2:21 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • i say walk. it sucks it didnt work. i went intolabor 3 hrs after getting them stripped. how dialted were u?

    Answer by piwife at 2:22 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • Thts the thing-I'm MORE than dilated enough to go ANYTIME 4 Cm 90%... He just doesn't want to come out!


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:24 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • If the baby and your body were ready you would already be in labor, the best thing to do is to try and relax and let nature take its course. As long as the baby and your body are not ready nothing will work and this includes medical induction.

    Answer by Cynthje at 2:31 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • Just walk. Walk, walk, & walk some more. That baby will come out when he's ready.

    I had my membranes stripped twice with #2 - nothing. Had to do a Csection.

    Answer by Laura1229 at 2:34 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • is this the person that wanted to ask her doc to do it? i hate to say it, but sometimes it's just not time and trying to force it only causes more problems. besides, once ur stripped, i think the docs want you to deliver w/in 24 hrs because ur prone to infection. my sister's water broke and she ended up having a terrible labor that ended up in a complicated c-section after 22hrs. she wasn't drinking enough water and dehydration can cause contractions that can rupture the membrane. she was induced and she and her baby had slowed heart rate, so they had to lower then increase pitocin a few times. the baby was stuck in her cervix once they did the csection and she had to be cut all the way across. anyway,the best thing you can do is rest and eat something, because once you get to the hospital, you won't be able to eat anything, and it may be a long labor.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:38 PM on Aug. 21, 2009


    Answer by ranedare at 2:40 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • Anon 2:38
    That's not true. Some doctors will want you to deliver within 24 hours if your water breaks. Stripping your membranes doesn't mean breaking your water. Rupture of membranes means your water broke so that doesn't make sense either.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:11 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

  • I know several people (myself included) who walked around at 5cm dilated for well over a week and never went into labor during that time. Besides, your dilation is all relative to your practitioner. I had a nurse once tell me that I was 2-3 cm SMALLER than my midwife had told me just hours before.

    Don't stress about it. :)

    Answer by fluud7 at 3:54 PM on Aug. 21, 2009

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