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how clearly does your little one talk?

my son is 2 1/2 and talks up a storm! but a lot of the things he says i can't really understand. it kind of seems to me that when he really wants to he will speak perfectly clear. but other times he wont. at the park the other day this little girl (same age as him) said to her mom "im going to hug that little boy" and it was like a 5 year old said it. it made me think that my son is behind in his speech or something. what do you think?

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:13 AM on Aug. 23, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (7)
  • well my DD is only 6 months lol but my nephew JUST turned 3 and he speaks amazingly well!
    he speaks in full sentences and not only can we (the people around him the most) understand him, but strangers understand him as well. They will even comment how great his speech is and they though he had to be at least 5....

    my niece is the same way, but she just turned 2.

    Answer by MomNbabyGirl009 at 3:15 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • i had the same problem with my son and he's 4 and will be starting speech therapy on monday. I had him evaluated at 2 and all they told me was "he's still young and he will talk better as he gets older" but in my heart i just felt something wasn't right.

    They usually won't test at that age. but it's worth a try.

    Answer by JayRo00 at 3:30 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • also i don't know where you live but a most public schools they offer evaluations and the age of 3 within your school district.

    Answer by JayRo00 at 3:33 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • hm.. my son just turned 2 in july. He talkes i guess pretty good. He can count to ten in english and spanish. He knows his favortie shows and characters..he does talk clear in full sentences. Now though ppl say wow hes smart. My friend had a daughter that was speaking how he is now at 1 in an half. She could could to ten in spanish..she new her colors, abc's, cartoon characters and so on. Everychild is diffrent. I wouldnt worry so much because hes still little. When he gets to like age four and you feel he is still behind then i would be concerned.

    Answer by Proudparent707 at 5:21 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • sheis 30 mts. perfect speech. she talks very well for her age.her doctor is amazed how advanced her speech is. i always understand what she says. she does babble once in a while but is she is being silly. other then that you would think she was like 5 the way she talks

    Answer by piwife at 9:17 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • Ours little boy is 2-1/2. MOST of the time, girls are earlier than boys, but many boys are very verbal. Ours is just now saying about 150 words, not sentences, and some words are becoming more clear with practice. Presently, his confidence is building as he puts "names" on objects. He's been in speech therapy thru Early Childhood intervention since 21 months, and will continue until he's 3. At that point, will see if he still needs one-on-one or if he's caught up enough to continue with the class.

    Answer by doodlebopfan at 9:23 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

  • My little guy just turned two three days ago and he talks better then his 6 year old 2nd cousins and his 3.5 year old cousin. he uses full sentences and is the biggest little chatter box ever until hes around my mother then he reverts back to a 6 month old. maybe hes just shy ?

    Answer by ryansmommy07 at 11:36 AM on Aug. 23, 2009

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