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Do you think circumcision should be mandatory?

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:56 PM on Aug. 24, 2009 in Health

Answers (82)
  • Absolutely NOT.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:58 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • No, and you are in for a load of trouble with that statement.

    FWIW, I did circ, but I absolutley think it is the parent's choice.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:59 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • I'm in a load of trouble? I didn't even make a statement, I just want to see what everyone has to say about it, since its a hot topic in the news as evidenced by the article I posted. Did you read it? What are your thoughts?

    And FWIW, I agree with you. I believe it too is a parent's choice.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:03 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • No it should be a personal choice. To fight HIV risk, they should start teaching better sex ed at schools.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:04 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • I had it done to both my boys and it was our decision for MY boys but I don't judge the next Mom for NOT doing it to her Son and I hope she wouldn't me judge either. As long as you love your child and take care of them I don't think anything should become mandatory.


    Answer by mommymine3 at 1:04 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • Let's see, if they don't have sex or don't have unprotected sex, then circ'd or uncirc'd makes no difference.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:05 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • I don't think that's going to solve the problem...educating them on abstinence and condoms might be a better, less invasive way of doing it. My DS is circ'd but it was my choice. I would not have wanted anyone to tell me I couldn't do it. And I don't see that its proper to tell someone they should. It is a personal parenting choice.

    Answer by CALsMama at 1:09 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • I didn't mean you are really "in trouble" I meant that there are some that will go OFF on this subject, so watch out! LOL...

    I did read the article and I actually saw that study prior to deciding to circ my son 2 years ago, but not because of that study...there are lots of holes in that information... I mean, if the baby is going to grow up poor and uneducated in a city and has homosexual tendencies, sure circing may reduce his risk.....but my son will not grow up that way (well, I can't speak for his sexual preference yet! but he will be educated and so forth)... so circing or not circing really won't make a difference in his HIV was an interesting article, but not the ultimate reason we chose to circ. I did lots of research and spoke with 5 pediatricians before making the decision. I did, however, stay away from some of the extremists on the subject...they are a bit cuckoo... on both sides.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:10 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • Oh. LOL!! I was like, dang...what did I do, I'm in trouble already! Ha!

    ITA with you. We also did a lot of research on both sides to determine what was best for our son. And though my son is circumcised, I'm really skeptical as to those studies about how it can reduce the spread of the disease. I think awareness and choice play a huge factor in all that...not a little extra skin.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:16 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

  • No. To many damn things are mandatory. Let's tell the state to butt the heck out.

    Answer by SusieD250 at 1:29 PM on Aug. 24, 2009

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