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How do you handle holidays and family

At frist we thought we'd do one with mine and one with his and switch it up each year. We tried having his family up here but that didn't work too well. They just don't get the laid back atmospher that my family has. I wouldn't dare bring my family to his! His family can't get through a dinner w/o going off about someone else behind there back. It's sickening. So I hate going to his family's for the holidays.

So do you switch it up, have it at your house? Combine families? Is your family far enough away you don't have to worry? etc.

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:24 PM on Aug. 25, 2009 in Holidays

Answers (18)
  • my dh's family gets together usually before christmas like the day or the wknd before @ his grandmother's, on christmas day we go to my parents, then to his parent's then to my grandmother's

    Answer by josiesmommy00 at 2:26 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • OP Again: Another issue with the holidays. Last Christmas was the last one my aunt was alive for and I missed it 'cuase I was out of town at DH's with his family. I hate that I had to spend Christmas away from home (My first one away!) and then to know it was the last Christmas I could have spent with my aunt and I didn't get to. Well that just hurts too. It makes me never want to spend a holiday away from my family again. Which I know isn't fair to DH's family or for our daughter.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:27 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • We swicth off between families. Or we'll have Christmas Eve eve, with my family and Christmas Eve with his family, then Christmas day to ourselves! Christmastime is exhausting around here, especially with 3 kids and winter weather, it's not easy to take them from place to place. I know what you mean about being around certain negative people around the Holidays. My family gets like that too. But i think, hey it's only one day and I bite my tongue!

    Answer by mamaada at 2:28 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • my family is far away, so it's all up to SO's family to make me feel at home during the holidays! I love seeing everyone and I wish we could see them more often! SO's family has a different atmosphere than mine, but judging by how everyone interacted at my son's bday party (my parents came down) I'd think everyone would get along great! only thing about my mom is when she gets some booze in her she tends to bring up politics and religion which would probably cause some drama w/ SO's family lol

    Answer by Owl_Feather at 2:29 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • My DH's family get together at the beginning of December. We go to my MIL's on Christmas Eve. We get together with my family on Christmas Day and sometimes go to my mom's afterward.

    Answer by austinsmama1106 at 2:29 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • We have done it all!! The best is when we move far and we have fun with our little family.
    His family are very rude and my family looked lost in there home. They where just pushed aside and my INLaws just talked to their friends. My inlaws where never happy going to my parents. So we drove every holiday and we hated it. One thanksgiving we missed the turkey in both The best is to visit for Christmas a day before or after. And have something in your home.
    Do not kill yourself trying make both families happy, it will never happen.

    Answer by gammie at 2:36 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • I'm sorry you don't like your hubby's family. Believe me, they probably know how you feel about them and that makes it awkward to come to your house for any reason.

    I suggest just going out to eat.

    Answer by 07upsydaisy at 2:42 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • We typically do Thanksgiving lunch at my parents...while DH parents are feeding homeless and such...then we usually meet them for dinner that evening. At Christmas they all come here...we exchange gifts with his parents on Christmas eve, everyone here for a lunch, then exchange gifts with my family after his parents have left!!! We don't have a large aunts, uncles and cousins...Just me and my DH, our son, my mom, dad, and younger brother who is single, DH mom, dad, and grandfather. This seems to be what works for us.

    Answer by Rebecca727 at 2:44 PM on Aug. 25, 2009

  • Christmas Eve with is family because that's when they do their big thing, Christmas Day with mine because that's when they do THEIR big thing, and New Years' Eve for the past couple of years has been just us and the kids.

    Thanksgiving is when it gets interesting. We usually try to just alternate back and forth. It seems to have worked so far, and we've been married for 10 years.


    Answer by debra_benge at 12:02 AM on Aug. 26, 2009

  • We spend the major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) w/ DH's family at his parents' house. My family lives out of state so other than my mom, I haven't seen them in years (not a big deal, we aren't close). Their house is getting too small for the expanding family tho, LOL.

    I eventually hope to hold some of them here at our house, but its a ways off cause we still need living room furniture and its not in our budget right now (we have a loveseat and recliner in the den).

    Answer by mama2conor at 12:43 AM on Aug. 26, 2009

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