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Do you know anyone like this?

My sister seems to want her son to have issues. He is ADHD and on medication. Now she has it in her head he is a high functioning autistic. According to her he has tons of allergies but sometimes they suddenly just disappear. Also she blames his horrible behavior in school on the fact that he is too smart for his grade. I know for a fact he is just average. I just fell so bad for him bc he is going to grow up thinking to answer to everything is to make up an excuse.

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:51 AM on Aug. 26, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (5)
  • sounds like my sd's bm lol...she takes them to the doctors so much that if they get the sniffles or a scrach they run there. if there playing basketball and they bend there finger and its sore ( not broken bruised just sore ) she will take them just to hear the doc say it will be fine in a day..go home. it drives me insane. i only take my kids to doc when its needed. i will call and ask a nurse to see. but she runs them down to the ER if they kids doc isent open. ( dont know how many times i have said "its growing pains heres what to do and she will be fine" nope ER visit at 1 am cause child was crying and low and behold...growning pains heres what to do..go home. bm did say u were right. i understand careing for your kid but turning them into hyprocondrac isent healthy eaither....

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:59 AM on Aug. 26, 2009

  • My stepsons mother is this way. She is always making excuses for her own actions, and then every time he does anything he shouldn't, it is because his friends were doing it, or he has ADD (which he does but it is very well maintained without medication), or he was bored. He hit a kid the other day at her house, and she said it was because he has a developmental delay. He has never hit anyone else ever. Not even when he was little, not on purpose anyway. And if he gets into trouble and she doesn't make an excuse, he can just cry and she pulls him up onto her lap and holds him and tells him she is sorry she yelled at him. He is 10....

    But at our house, where he spends a week at a time, he has no behavioral problems that require more than a reminder to check attitude.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:01 PM on Aug. 26, 2009

  • This post stings a little. You see for years my son was diagnosed as ADHD and we tried every medication for it... nothing worked....tried therapies ... still no improvements. At age 7 he still had no friends...a teacher mentioned Asperger's ... so we took him to the local Children's Hospital developmental department ... 30 minutes later I hear yup its adhd... try a heavy dose of meds. Finally pediatrician recommends a different doctor who specializes in Autism and sure enough he is considered very high functioning asperger's. Now my family still believes he has ADHD...his fits are b/c I'm too strict ... he has no friends b/c there aren't enough kids around us (my daughter has friends though) basically its all MY fault and I'm just making excuses. It's a very lonely life to live when no one believes you and you have no one to talk to unless you want to get belittled and told everything you have done is wrong. :-(

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:50 PM on Aug. 26, 2009

  • You know what??? I'm NOT afraid to put my name behind it!!! ^^^ That's ME!

    Answer by KaylasMiracle at 12:51 PM on Aug. 26, 2009

  • KaylasMiracle- I am sorry my question made you feel bad but you sound nothing like my sister. She's a pathological liar and our whole family knows it. She told everyone her son was molested at day care but there was never an investigation or anything. She justs wants attention.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:58 PM on Aug. 26, 2009

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