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i am at the library bcuz my home computer was totally smashed by a virus, it was disquised as PERSONAL ANITVIRUS FROM WINDOWS, anyone else got this?

it came up as a pop up which i never get in the first place and I couldn't do anything on the computer not close it or even turn my comp off bcuz of it, I called windows and they said it was a fake and was not from windows, so anyone have this happened? what can I do now? I am at the library now changing all my passwords for every site I am registered


Asked by Anonymous at 4:34 PM on Aug. 27, 2009 in Just for Fun

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Answers (17)
  • Ok, so I'm going to message you ladies too, to make sure you get my response. I called the computer place local to me, and they said it was going to cost me $135 to have my computer cleaned. I googled an anti-malware download, and I came up with "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware." Go home, to your computer, and download this. It took 45 minutes to go through my computer, but I ran it 3 times, just to be sure.

    No one really knows how malicious this program is. You cannot close Personal Antivirus, you cannot delete it, even in safe mode. Your hard drive would have to be backed up, cleared, and restored without the Malware download.

    Answer by matobe at 5:04 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • OMG! same thing happened to me-it said I had 7 viruses, and 12 Trojans and to scan my PC now-so I did, than it implanted the viruses on my PC!!! I was on than it navigated away from the page and that windows pop up came on- My father spent three days fixing that HORRIBLE virus!


    Answer by JnCV at 4:50 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • *GULP!* I got the same message saying I had Trojans and worms and all kind of other horrible things! Nothing seems wrong with my computer. Ya think it's ok?

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:03 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • Well, I would if you weren't anonymous...

    Answer by matobe at 5:04 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • I have had it happen twice and both times my norton grabbed hold of it, when things like that pop up I never ever click on them I close the page and i know that sometimes it will keep popping back up not allowing you to close. If you cant afford a virus protection program go to its a free virus protection, i have even been able to wipe out a virus from safe mode with it, when the virus disabled my own virus protection.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 5:17 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • I am the original poster, I actually put anon by mistake, also I had this under "cafemom" category and somehow it was changed to Just for Fun, so I don't know how that happened but anyway I will try what MATOBE says , I have Norton anitvirus and it said it removed the virus and threats but the PERSONAL ANTIVIRUS is still on my desktop, and there is an icon still at the bottom right corner and pop ups of "CRITICAL SYSTEM WARNING" keep coming up, will that take care of this?

    Answer by sylvia-ann at 9:58 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • ok, so I used the MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWARE and it WORKED!!! thanks so much for all of your advice everyone!! (especially you matobe)

    Answer by sylvia-ann at 11:30 PM on Aug. 27, 2009

  • the next time an internet window navigates away from the page you are on DO NOT click if a box pops up that says your computer is infected, don't click the x in the corner to close it. by clicking okay it allows the viruses to embed themselves and wreak havoc on your computer. Your best bet when you see this happening is to just close your browser, severing the viruses connection.

    Answer by barefootbchbum at 7:28 AM on Aug. 29, 2009

  • This is a great thread (?). I just downloaded it too and am running a scan as my computer has a little while now but my antivirus hasn't been picking up anything. Another really awesome program that usually solves all my problems is window washer.

    Glad you got some help OP and sorry this happened to you!

    Answer by Xynyth at 7:57 AM on Aug. 29, 2009

  • My daughter got that the other night. She couldn't get it to go away by clicking on the X so she finally just shut it down. Hers seems to be fine so I think you have to try and run it for it to get ahold. I never run junk like that because I have a program I use and even it they are real they just add more crap to your computer.

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 7:59 AM on Aug. 29, 2009