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Moms: How do you save money?

I'm pregnant and I'm trying to save money- I just don't know how. I need money to buy furniture for the baby, clothes, and accessories.

What are your tips/secrets on saving money? How do you budget your monthly income?

Especially when the baby becomes a toddler- they eat sooo much!! That's what my friend told me..they need so many snacks with food!

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Asked by Lulu_101 at 5:39 AM on Aug. 30, 2009 in Money & Work

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  • Budget and stick to it!! Only buy necessities. You will get gifts for the extra, nice to have stuff. Shop garage sales and clearance items. Make your own baby food and snacks. I have NEVER bought toddler food. By the time they are 18 months they can eat whatever you are eating. It's not that expensive unless you end up with a toddler that has the appetite of a teenage boy!! Like my firstborn.

    Answer by micheledo at 8:14 AM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • I'll be more than happy to give your more specific things to do and that will help if you are interested!

    Answer by micheledo at 8:15 AM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • Shop yard sales,thrift stores,swapmeets.Look in the clearance section.Plan out your meals.Keep a calendar and stick to it.Try buying in bulk you will save more and buy at wherhouse stores.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:29 AM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • I do everything possible by myself like I cut my kids hair and YES it looks good! lol I trim the dogs hair. Mow the lawn. No nails! lol Make b-day cakes. I breastfed all three children. I buy out of season, clearanced clothes for the next year. Buy a larger size. Go to free stuff like the library for story time and the mall to pet puppies, spray free perfume(my dd fave), and play in kids area....all in air condition! lol I did not buy special baby food when my kids got teeth. Like the previous post....they will eat what you eat as they grow. This is helpful because I think it reduces picky eathers. If you serve them what you are eating they are more likely to accept and eat.

    Answer by 3gigglemonsters at 11:54 AM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • When I got pregnant, I changed hair dressers. I love the girl that cut my hair. She did a great job on my crazy naturally curly hair, but after tip is was $65 for a shampoo, cut and style. Now I go to JC Penney's and spend $35. I also stopped buying department store make up and skin care and now where Revlon and Cover Girl.

    My new moto for myself and my husband is if they don't have it at WalMart then I probably don't need it.

    We also cut our eating out in half, started ordering water to drink instead of soda or tea, and stopped ordering an appetizer or dessert.

    I got a lot of my maternity clothes as hand me downs from other moms. I also bough some at consignment stores and even Good Will.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 12:55 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • Moms also over spend on baby gear and furniture. If you aren't wealthy, then don't buy expensive baby furniture that you will most likely replace after your child is school age any way. Our nurseries have furniture I bought from It's all safe and functions just fine.

    Also, don't buy baby gear until you need it. You will need a carseat and bouncer/infant seat before you bring the baby home. But, some moms go over board and buy things like high chairs and exersaucers while they're still pregnant and you won't need those items until the baby is around 5 months old.

    I also buy almost all of my baby's clothes at WalMart or Target. They wash and wear well. I see no point in putting a baby in name brand clothes. My kids will wear name brands once they start school to avoid teasing.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 12:59 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • As for toddler snacks, moms over spend on Gerber Graduates and other toddler specific snacks. These aren't healthy or necessary.

    I give me kids fresh fruit for snacks. When you need something that travels well, pretzel sticks and gold fish make a great to go snack. Other great snacks are yogurt and string cheese.

    I also don't use those toddler convenience dinners. I feed my toddler home made mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, grilled chicken, rice, fruits, broccoli, peas, etc.

    If your toddler is eating the same foods you're eating then it isn't an added expense.

    When I need something fast, I fix frozen chicken nuggets and fries in the oven.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 1:04 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • One more thing that is good for the environment......Dont buy single packaged snacks. It costs more and creates more trash Dont buy Ziplocs storage bags. ***Re-use Betty Crocker frosting plastic containers to pack snacks.** The lid fits tight and hey if you lose it, it is no biggie.

    Answer by 3gigglemonsters at 1:45 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

  • These are my best grocery store saving tips:


    Answer by rkoloms at 8:30 PM on Aug. 30, 2009

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