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p*ssy 15 month old?

my dd is 15 months old and in the past few months she has really started throwing fits (stomping her feet, kicking, hitting, scratching, pulling hair, biting) when she doesnt get what she wants, and times like when we're shopping...both mine and my hubbys parents say to slightly pop her leg or diaper, not to hurt her but to get the point across that she cant do that...i feel like she's a little young to be doing this, but i don't know how to get the point across that she can't do these things.

"no-no, that's not nice" or whatever in a stern voice doesn't work anymore...any advice?

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:30 PM on Aug. 31, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (7)
  • your gonna have to what your parents and in-laws says...she is just letting you know that she is SPOILED ROTTEN now!!! GL with everything!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:33 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • my baby girl is the same way...she is still doing it.i try talking 2 her but it dont i tap her on the but n some times it works but she is still doing it.i could use some help...any one has good idea of what 2 do???

    Answer by mariella11 at 2:34 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • do you know what i would do with my youngest when she did this?.....if i was in the middle of the store...i would walk her right out to the car, put her into her carseat and buckle her in...then i would stand near her door untill she was quiet...that way i wasnt getting a headache from her screaming and she could let off steam...then once she was done i would ask her to "behave" and we would go back in the store...i have always had an issue with spanking, ESPECIALLY in public...mostly cause im always worried about what everyone else thinks...i mean the SOUND of the smack can sound worse than it really is! hell i even have trouble doing it in the privacy of my own home...timeouts were my fav....but your daughter is a little young for that...just keep pushing the word "no" when she does something wrong...and dont back down one little bit!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by blueeyedgrl2377 at 2:35 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • What's with the title to this post? Are you calling your daughter a p*ssy?

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 2:44 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • welcome to the terrible twos. . . they last until they move out on their own so I'm told. . . my son (22 months old) has been throwing fits for a few months when he doesn't get his way. . . they are trying to assert their independence. first suggestion is pick your battles. . . look at what is setting her off and ask yourself if it is a big deal (safety issue?) if not do you really need to try and control the behavior (this is one I still need help with) Next I'd give a choice when the tantrum first starts. . . for example my son started to throw a fit before we left for a walk and I told him only calm boys go on walks it took a couple minutes for him to calm down but the walk won. If choices aren't possible try distractions before the fit starts full swing for my son this is "Chris look at the fish/bird/toad/bug/ect and he will usually forget what made him mad. Cont. . .

    Answer by chrissmom734 at 2:46 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • If none of the other suggestions work, I remove my son and give him some time to calm down like in his bed.

    As for going shopping, the greatest fit trigger for us, I take his snack along and give him a shopping list of his favorite food (bananas, cheese, 'nacks). If you can find pictures and glue them to cards all the better. . . It helps but doesn't elimate all fits

    what ever you do, don't passify and don't give in. . . I'm against the light smack because. . . to me it teaches them a behavior (smacking) and then punishes them for it. . . Just my opinion though.

    Answer by chrissmom734 at 2:51 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

  • she's calling her daughter PISSY -lol!! My son gets PISSY!! I thought of swatting the butt but really, if they are wearing a diaper, I don't know that it would even work? I let my son cry and throw his fit. hitting and scratching?Timeout. over and over. I have a stubborn one so I know about how irritiating it is to spend all day/weekend with a whinign crying child but it will pay off I think/hope! Just dont' give in. I have starting putting my son in his room and telling him he can come out when he's ALL DONE CRYING - all done hitting etc.. he knew what All done meant at 15 months so just use short sentances you think she'll understand

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 3:56 PM on Aug. 31, 2009

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