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Im 22 and i have a beautiful 3 year old boy and a little girl who will be in her october (im so excited) and yesterday i was shopping with my son and this older lady looks at my son and looks at me and idk if it was just me being overly hormonal or if i was right in getting mad but she kinda made a face and said WOW! Am i crazy because i was like wtf was her problem?

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Asked by Tink187 at 1:38 AM on Sep. 1, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • I would have said "WHAT?!?!" and stood there until she said something and then gone from there... ignore people like that, especially older people, (no offense) they just tend to have older morals.... they arent... "updated" ....

    Answer by MomNbabyGirl009 at 1:41 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • If you are like I was at 22 with a baby and look younger than 22 then it was just her reacting to what appeared to be you looking young. I once took my mom to my sons doctor appt with me I was 21 he was about 6 months old and mom came with me so we could run errands afterwards, the doctor after checking my son over looked at my moma dnstarted talking to her, I said excuse me this is my child and you can speak to me not my mother. he responded bt telling me that he felt my mom would have a better understanding and be able to make sure my son was taken care of, i then informed him that my husband and i were fully capapble of taking care of our child. i then asked him exactly how old he thought i was he answered 16, we found a different doctor.
    Some people make assumptions. You didnt do anything wrong the lady did its her issue not yours, you had a right to be mad.

    Answer by 3_ring_circus_ at 1:46 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • Believe me, I understand. I was 20 when my ds was born, and not yet 22 when my dd was born, plus, I looked young for my age. I was a married Navy vet and pg with my second and still getting mistaken by people for a pg teen (and this was 15 yrs ago, so it wasn't quite as acceptable as it is now...).

    I KNOW it can be frustrating, and I know it can drive you nuts. But, unless they say something just try to ignore it. If they do say something, then, answer them calmly and maturely (even if it's something like "I'm a grown woman, but thank you for your concern - said in a very cold "why are you talking to me" way). Because that's going to prove your point way more than telling them off - all that's going to do is make them feel like you just proved how right they were in their opinion.

    Just try to ignore it - that woman and those like her really are nobody to you :-)

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 1:46 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • I'm 23 and have a 9 month old. Sometimes people look at me like i'm too young to have a baby but whatever. Don't let it get to you who cares.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:52 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • Wow 3 ring circus, wtf? That doc sounds like such a jackass. Even if you were 16, it is still the child's mother's responsibility to care for him or her. How ridiculous. But since you weren't it shows how assumptions made an ass out of him! My mother sometimes joins me at pediatrician visits too just because she enjoys it. Thankfully, my doctor knows who to address.

    Answer by Bellarose0212 at 2:07 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • Im 23 i have 2 boys an 36wks prego with my 3rd boy i get looks an ppl saying smart things all the time! I just ignore them because i know im a good mommy to my kids an age dont make a damn difference

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:39 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

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