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If you ever had a dislocated shoulder or a pinched nerve, does this sound like the pain you had?

A pinched nerve or a dislocated shoulder?! I didn't do anything to it, I woke up one morning and I had such sharp pain all over my shoulder with some numbness in my arm. I went to the ER they said it was a pinched nerve and sent me home. By the next week I had a hard time moving it so I went back. They gave me a couple pain killers and sent me home again. I have a dr apt Wed to get it looked at... there is a bone sticking out the back of my shoulder about 2 inches and that is where the pain seems to originate! It was sticking out when the ER looked at it but didn't seem to take any notice. My shoulder has sharp shooting pain up through my neck and my socket and down my arm is numb. Not the tingling numb, just it's not there numb! I can't lift my arm at all, it won't hang at my side and actually folds in front of my body. I don't know if I should just go back in or suffer another day.


Asked by Anonymous at 7:19 AM on Sep. 1, 2009 in Health

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Answers (3)
  • My goodness girl! Bless your heart!! Sounds like something is certainly out of place - are you sure it isn't a rib? Do you have any trouble breathing ( like taking a deep breath)? If you do, it could be a dislocated rib - I've had that a time or two - hurts like hell and yeah, your shoulder, shoulder blade, neck and arm hurt with it. Alternate ice on off for a couple of hours (if you can) - to try and help with the pain. Also - if you aren't pregnant Advil liquid gel caps work pretty good for pain - so does something called "Stop Pain" - applying it to your back may be tricky - but you can do it. How I apply something to my back is by putting the product on (of all things) the back of a banana peel - you can throw the long peel over your shoulder - and reach around with the good hand and move it back and forth to apply a pain relief cream. (Yeah, I know weird- but single/stranded moms learn to be inventive)

    Answer by PaceMyself at 7:40 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • OP here: I should add I have no family around me, my DH is deployed and my friend is out of town. No, I don't have any others, I am new to the area. I am the only one taking care of my dd and I can't move my arm which is making it near impossible to feed her!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:21 AM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • You should definitely go back in just in case, when I dislocated my shoulder it was exactly like that. With a bump at the back. So I would go today if you can.

    Answer by mommatomanyy at 7:28 AM on Sep. 1, 2009