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has anyone had 3 c-sections in 3 years?

just curious, how surgery went and how was recovery? how did you manage 3 kids under 3 years? I think I may be pregnant again...I tried a VBAC for my second pregnancy and was not successful so I developed a high fever and infection during the surgery...and was wondering if anyone got pregnant soon after having a kid without having their period back yet???

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:07 PM on Sep. 1, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (8)
  • No, Damn...that's a bit much! It's called birth control!

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:10 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • LOL annon:10. That does sound like it is hard on ones body. Talk with your OB and see what they say. Hopefull you get some kind of answer to this. It must be very difficult to go through.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:13 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • assume much anon 7:10? Birth control does fail. anyways I will have my third c-section in oct. it will be my third in 4 years. and for the rude anon info, My birth control failed twice, each were different kinds. That tends to happen when you have other health issues and take medications that can make BC less effect. Anyways, I'm ranting here, to the OP I'm not sure how its going to be for you or even me, but I know we have alot higher risk of uterine eruption. on top of a higher chance of having to have a partial hysterectomy because of it.


    Answer by soonmommyof3 at 8:26 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • I've never had a c-section, but I do have 3 children all within 3 years of each other. (In fact, my oldest is 4 1/2 and I'm due with baby #4 in 2 weeks.) We love the closeness in our kids, but I won't's exhausting.

    Answer by fluud7 at 8:37 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • i am about to have my 3rd c-section but it's been just over 4 years since the first one (my oldest is 4, then i have a 18 month old and i am having the third one in 2 weeks). the recovery was much easier if you are healthy going into the surgery..... i think that's mostly what matters in my experience

    Answer by princessbeth79 at 8:40 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • 2002,2004, and 2006 were my cesareans. Please let your body heal. We lost our last baby girl to uterine rupture. I had placental abruption as well. I can';t remember my recovery with her. I was in deep mourning and honestly don't remember pain, except the emotional pain.

    I am now pregnant again and my body has had plenty of time to heal. BUT, I am still considered high risk since my conditions resulted in a still birth.

    Answer by babycakes254 at 9:18 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • I've had three c sections. My first one was after an overdue pregnancy and very long labor then section. I ended up also myself with an infection of 103 and sick in the hospital for 10 days after my son's birth. My next two babies were repeat sections to avoid what I went through the first time.
    My second was born three and a half years after my first and third born four and a half years after my second baby.

    So I was between a bit over three years past first tough c section when my second was born. It was easier than my first cuz my obs took care to ensure a safer delivery for us. With my first then being in his threes he was more grown up than a first child at second delivery being more of a baby. He was caring and loving.

    With my third c section my older two kids were four and a half years old and 8 yo and they were also very very helpful and excited of course too.

    It helps to have longer spacing aftr tough deliv

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:25 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

  • Mine were 2004, 2006, 2007. My first was a difficult labor. Almost 24 hours then they decided to take me c-section because I wasn't progressing. Baby and I were having blood pressure and heart troubles. I don't remember my recovery because My baby was born with Trisomy 18 and wasn't expected to live very long (she only lived a month). My second was c-section went smoothly. I was sore for a couple of weeks because they had to remove some extra scar tissue from the first but nothing serious. By the time I had my third I was a pro. I had barely any pain. delivery went great no extra scar tissue or anything. It's all just a Matter of luck I guess every delivery is different.

    Answer by kristyn165 at 10:45 PM on Sep. 1, 2009

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