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If a dog bites a person would it be euthanized?

My mom and her boyfriend have an aggressive dog. He snaps at everyone who comes in the house. I have only been around this dog once right after they first got him and he was fine at that time. My mom doesn't live close so I have never been to visit her. She comes here because this is where we all live.

Well we were at my grandmas last week visiting and the dog was brought into the convo. J(moms boyfriend) was saying his dog would never hurt anyone. He is a watchdog, he doesn't want his dog letting just anyone in the house. I told him that it is dangerous, a watchdog barks at people they should not be snapping at guests. I told him he may end up with a lawsuit and the dog would be put down. J says no he wouldn't. I told him it would be out of his hands if he bit someone.

What would happen?

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Asked by RaeLynn1221 at 9:39 AM on Sep. 9, 2009 in Pets

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  • i had a dog that bit someone (in his defense-he was abused before we got him and the kid down the street was a little brat that tortured him through our fence). animal control came and took our dog and kept him for 5 days ($10 a day i think) and then released him back to us after they determined that he was not aggresive.

    Answer by SThompson21 at 9:44 AM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • If he attempted to bite or did bite, the animal control officers would determine if it was agressive or not...if they say it is aggressive, it would be put down...He would have no control over it.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 9:52 AM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • I get bit by a dog when I was eight. It was a great dog and NEVER was aggressive or mean. I was playing ball with him and he just snapped and attacked me! Well to make matters worse it was my mom's boyfriends dog. My dad sued, won the lawsuit and yes the dog was put down. It was horrible. I still feel really bad about it. I don't think the dog meant to attack me, he was just having a bad day. My dad won 60K on that lawsuit, which is A LOT of money considering this was 1988. I got a check every year for four years after I turned 18. I didn't even want the money, it was just a constant reminder.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:23 AM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • We rescued a dog (evidently he had been tormented by a child my sons age) and one night he just snapped and bit my son's face. We had to go to the ER, since it was a dog bite they called the police and they told us he had to be euthanized. I would have done this regardless though because the dog couldn't be trusted.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:11 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • I was bit by a dog once when I was was at my great aunts house...after animal control came out they told them to lock him up for ten days to determine if he had rabies (they had just gotten this dog and didn't know if it had had its shots or not) the dog was shot because after just five days it showed signs of having rabies.
    I think they will put it down if the dog bites somewhere other than its yard...if it bites in its yard they will determine if it has rabies or what caused the dog to bite before they put it down....then again it may just depend on what state you live in.

    Answer by jessiesosore at 1:36 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • It depends on the laws in your city, but most places, the animal will be held for 10 days. This is provided the animal has had a rabies vaccine. After the 10 days, the animal will be released back to its owner, but only if this is the animal's first bite.

    After the 10 days quaratine, the animal's owner will most likely have to register the animal as aggressive and keep it muzzled anytime it is out of its home.

    If it the animal's second bite, whether or not it will be euthanized is up to a local magistrate. Some places do, some dont. If it's the animal's third bite, most every city requires an animal to be euthanized.

    Being a watchdog doesnt automatically mean the animal will be euthanized.

    Answer by dinkrea at 4:56 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

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