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Doesn't anyone read anymore? Most of the questions I see are about TV, movies, computer games, etc. What ever happened to reading? I am a HUGE reader, I rarely watch TV, don't have the money to go to the movies and am rarely on the computer (I will admit being addicted to CM but try not to spend more than 1 hour a day here).

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:13 PM on Sep. 9, 2009 in Entertainment

Answers (10)
  • I read magazines! And some SIL is a famous author, I usually only read her books. LOL! Hard to find the quiet time for reading.

    Answer by mamaada at 1:16 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • I am a big reader too. I am currently reading Danielle Steel's newest novel. I love to read, usually I read everynight to help me to go sleep. I"m not big on TV either, I do try to get on CM at least once a day.

    Answer by robinann5 at 1:27 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • Yes, I read. (And I've seen book questions in here too.)

    I love paranormal, sci-fi, horror, but I also read some romance, adult lit. I try to read modern fiction and "classic" fiction, when I have time. I also read some nonfiction as well. My goal is to one day make it through the 100 most frequently banned books. (The Russian authors give me fits though... lol)

    I want to write professionally and to do that, you HAVE to read. I also encourage my sons to read - and the easiest way to do that is to read often myself.

    I follow several authors on Livejournal, so everytime they mention a new book, I want to go get it!

    Answer by geminilove at 2:13 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • I asked a book question a few weeks ago...I don't think it got a single answer :( but I am a huge reader...I admit I've slacked a bit, nothing seems to catch my eye lately...but I love to read...

    Has anyone read any of the Jane Austen remakes like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Mr. Darcy, Vampyre? I want to read those

    Answer by barefootbchbum at 2:24 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • readingFunny you should ask that. The library just called to tell me two books I ordered from them are in. I'm a reader. I'm not into tv much. I went years without it and am finding I didn't miss much so I'm back to reading.


    Answer by admckenzie at 2:56 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • i love to fact, i literally have to set time limits when i read so i can get other things done. i'm having a problem right now though because i'm having trouble finding something good to read. my reading interests seem to change every now and then and i've hit a lull.

    Answer by 2punks at 7:23 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • I LOVE to read. Especially if it is James Patterson books. I have 3 small boys ages 4,3 and 16mo. and don't have much time to read anymore. I miss it terribly. Now, i just found out i am pregnant with baby #4. I do still read Parenting Mag. and Readers Digest, but i do miss my books. They are like an escape for me. Thanks for reminding me i need to take time, even if its in the bathtub, for me to read and find time in my busy life:) Thanks!

    Answer by team21 at 7:56 PM on Sep. 9, 2009

  • Wow-more answers than I expected. I read at least 3 books a week-sometimes more. I also read a few magazines (I have cut out most of my subscriptions because it's too expensive). So far this year I have read almost 190 books-on my way to a goal of 250. My faves are romance (everyone needs some fluff in their lives), mystery/thriller, chick lit (loved Angry Housewives Eating BonBons) and biography/memoirs. I belong to several book groups here on CM (I own 1)

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:15 AM on Sep. 10, 2009

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read. I easily read 2-3 books a week, unless it is some gargantuan novel. My Mom read to us when we were little and I still have to read something before I go to sleep. Sometimes hubby has to put the book down for me to...ahem...have an adult moment. I can't help it, I adore my books.
    You can't grow a big vocabulary if you don't read, unless the only thing you read is Cat in the Hat, or something. My nieces and nephews call me "Queen of the Big Words." LOL

    Answer by JawgaMom1 at 12:52 PM on Sep. 10, 2009

  • You can have a balance. I love to read. I also love social networking, computer and video games. I have a bookcase full of books, DVDs and Video games. I am very particular about the books I read however. No modern romance, no fluff. I tend to like the classics. Okay I admit our family loves Harry Potter too. I named my son after Jane Austen. We are reading the works of Shakespeare together. He is a 12 year old with the vocabulary bigger than most adults. We are also addicted to the online game of Wizard 101. We have about 10 movies we saw in the theatre now awaiting for them to come to DVD. We don't watch that much television. Not into reality shows. Yet, I think it is not just how much you read. It is in the quality of what you read. How it expands your mind, your imagination, your knowledge.

    Answer by CelticFaerie at 4:51 PM on Sep. 10, 2009

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