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How do you play with your baby?

I'm often alone with my daughter for several hours at a time and am looking for ideas to entertain her. The playmat/babygym, swing, bouncy seat and holding her can only take you so far. We have some toys but she doesn't seem into them. Any ideas you can share and what works good for you are welcomed!

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Asked by babygourmet at 7:00 PM on Sep. 13, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (8)
  • baby massage, just talking to her and reading to her. you could carry her in a sling and talk to her while you do housework. take her outside if the weather is good.

    Answer by mandielynn23 at 7:02 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • how old is she

    Answer by MomNbabyGirl009 at 7:05 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • What about bubbles?

    Answer by Ash9724 at 7:07 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • Put her in a carrier, and get out of the house! Go for a walk, to a park, to a museum, etc. Talk to your baby about what you see, smell, hear, etc. Ask her questions (yes, I know that she won't respond) and treat her like a person.

    Answer by rkoloms at 7:10 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • She's 3mos, born 6/9/09 - I should add she doesn't have enough head control yet for exersaucer/bumbo seat. I like your ideas so far!

    Answer by babygourmet at 7:55 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • I love that age! That's when they start to get fun. I would lay my kids on the bed in front of me & sing them silly songs about baby poop while I moved their arms & legs around to make them dance & clap. Babies also really like it when you make them kick themselves in the head. Seriously, they think it's so funny. I also made my kids do scenes from kung fu movies. I'd say the lines while they laid there spazzing out.  You know how little babies are before they can control their motor skills.  Its like kung fu!  O.k., maybe I used the baby for my entertainment more than I entertained her, but we all had fun. We also went for walks and read magazines. And the great thing about the baby being that young is that you can read a trashy gossip magazine instead of The Pokey Puppy and you baby will get even more visual stimulation. They love to look at all the people.


    Answer by carlye828 at 9:52 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • I second the kicking herself in the face thing; mine both loved that, think it's hilarious (and so do I, lol). Moving her arms and legs around, lifting her up in the air (even fully supported, it's still fun for them), bouncing her gently on the bed or on your lap, singing to her (my 5-month-old gets a huge grin whenever I sing, no matter what I'm singing, and dancing adds to the grinnage, so turn on a radio and have fun!), making faces at her, playing peek-a-boo (mine especially likes it when I pull the blanket directly over her face, something about the feel of it I guess). And feel free to leave her alone on the floor for a little bit and let her entertain herself; that's a very important skill that you want your baby to have (especially if you plan on having more), trust me!

    Answer by DragonRiderMD at 10:08 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

  • Cooing. My daughter would coo for long periods of time with my husband. Read to her, sit and cuddle. Shake rattles and toys in her line of view. We did baby workout. It was just a time killer but my daughter loved it. I would put rattles in her hands and pretend they were dumbells. We would do leg lifts and arm stretches. sit-ups, things like that. Walks in the neighborhood. She also did pretty good about entertaining herself for about 10-15 mins when she was laid on the floor. Sing to her, patty cake, old McDonald had a farm, BINGO. Just be silly and enjoy this time! Congrats on your little one!

    Answer by vickwu at 10:27 PM on Sep. 13, 2009

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