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Vaginal Birth Recovery-Tearing

I just delivered Friday (4 days ago) and experienced some vaginal tearing, mainly on one side. I received a number of stitches and have been caring for the area with ice packs, warm water and ibuprofen. It has been increasingly more painful and is starting to feel like I am back tracking after these 4 days.

My husband has looked to see if there is anything that stood out and he saw some swelling, on one side, and on that same side what looked to be a white bubble (more internal rather than on the surface).

I am worried that I am not healing properly or may have irritated the area by too much walking/activity. Any advice? Should I call my doctor (although I figure they will say "that's just normal") or should I give it some more time?

As a first time mom I am getting a little worried....any advice would be greatly appreciated!

God Bless

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Asked by EricaPotter at 12:10 AM on Sep. 15, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • The advice nurse at your local doc office/hospital is free. take advantage of it. My OBG was awesome, she saw me for all of my concerns. It sounds like a pus pocket, maybe infection. I would give them a call. Better safe than sorry.

    Answer by stenhouse_baby at 12:24 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • i am a new mom 2 my 2 month old son. i had a vaginal delivery. and tearing as well. my son weighed 7'15 and 20 inches long. its painful. the ibuprofin doesnt help, i kno. i was only allowed 2 use ice packs 4 2 days. then i was told 2 stop. i am a get up n go mom. i carried my son in his carseat. i drove. i walked around the stores. in pain. uncomfortable. but it had to be done. my baby's father a lot. i didnt have any problems. my advise is if u feel something isnt right. call ur doctor. the worse they can say is 'its normal'. but then u'll feel better. or ask to be seen. or call the nurse on call. she should be able to give you more advise. jus make sure u take care of yourself. if u feel the need to sit. girl, sit down. even if its for 4 hours. if u need 2 sleep. do it. trust me. u'll need it. let ur husband care for your baby as much as he can. let them bond. while u relax. remember you jus had a baby!!! n its worth it!

    Answer by krisew90 at 12:26 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • Yes, anything you suspect to be infection see your doctor. Lifesavers after vaginal delivery with a tear and couple of stitches: get some Dermoplast pain relief spray (can also use it for sunburn) and after you rinse with warm water in your peri-bottle, pat dry, spray on your vaginal and anal (if have hemorrhoids too) then inside your heavy duty maxi pad place 2 Tuck's (or any generic witch hazel /hemorrhoid pad) pads. This is cooling, reduces swelling and provides extra cushion when sitting.

    Answer by dlcthrix3 at 12:37 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • I don't think it should be feeling worse after four I do advise that you call the doctor. It may not be anything... but what would be the harm in calling? It could be infected and you can also ask about continuing care for the area since I don't know either how long you should be icing the area. Don't hesitate to call the doctor....and let the doctor know it feels worse! I think that is significant---as well as the white swollen area.

    Answer by BJoan at 7:11 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • Lanacaine (sp) spray! The hospital gave me a can of it. It numbs you right up!

    But you should be talking to your doctor.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:44 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • Follow dlcthrix3 advice. I was given the Lanocain spray & witch hazel pads. I lined 3 pads on top of my ice pack pads & always used the spray as often as I needed. I also would suggest a sitz bath, as well as stool softeners (in case it still hurts when you go), and either a hemorrhoid pillow or boppy to sit on. I hope you feel better soon!!


    Answer by mama_l at 11:37 AM on Sep. 15, 2009

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