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HELP!!!! My 2 year old has the most atrocious temper! I had the windows open today and she threw screaming fits numerous times!

I am so horrified that she does this, it is embarrassing, and I am also worried that my neighbors will think that she is being hurt in some way. Nothing like that ever happens, I assure you. She gets mad and just runs away screaming like a banshee. I have tried to talk calmly to her, ignore it, put her in time out, take toys away...nothing seems to work. I never want to have someone come knock on my door due to others accusations because of what they hear and what they may think, I am a wonderful mother, I am just at such a loss in dealing with her temper tantrums and antics. What can I do? I am so lost! My first NEVER acted out in these ways...EVER.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:48 PM on Sep. 15, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • And my neighbors that live in close range know my daughter and her temper, they usually laugh about it, but I am just so saddened that she acts this way, and others hear and witness her meltdowns. It can be seemingly over nothing....

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:50 PM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • I think being consistent with a method is your best bet. My daughter is turning 3yr, but when she was 2yr. she would have similar tantrums. We set up a the "You have til the count of 5".. or it's time out. Its worked really well getting her to behave, esp. in public. I used the whole time out rule, that they sit in time out the number of minutes they are old. Then we would calmly talk to her and get her to say "sorry" (hugs).
    Be aware of the times she is usually sleepy or hungry, those tantrums are usually the worst and require unbelievable patience, of course. Just don't reward her negative behavior, that's the worst mistake. I've seen four/ five years olds in Kindergarten get into screaming crying tantrums. It's better for everyone if you can stop it early. Best of luck!
    Don't worry about neighbors, just say, "terrible twos" I think that phase is so hyped up that everyone knows they turn into monsters at that age. :)

    Answer by lilmommy0416 at 11:06 PM on Sep. 15, 2009

  • Most other parents get it when they hear a child throwing a tantrum. EVERY parent has a kid who has thrown a tantrum or two (or 100)....Really, it's just a part of parenting.

    The best way I dealt with tantrums was to give them two simple choices, then walk away such as "You have a choice. You can keep screaming and go into time out, OR you can take a deep breath, give me a hug and we will finish what we were doing before you got upset. I'm going into the kitchen now. You come tell me when you decide what to do." This almost always worked for me. Giving them some control over the situation by giving them the choices (which conveniently always had the outcome *I* wanted) - plus the distraction of you not reacting at their level, confuses them into calming down.

    Just remember - when you react to and focus on them and their tantrums, they learn they can throw a tantrum for your attention...get your control back.

    Answer by texassahm at 11:24 PM on Sep. 15, 2009

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