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How many other moms have 9 yr old dd's who started their period??? Mine started yesterday & I'm so... I dont even know the words for how I feel.. :-(

Yup, she started. She's 9 & won't even be 10 until January. I knew it was coming b/c she's developed breasts & pubic hair too. I just didn't think it would be THIS soon. I feel scared, worried, heartbroken & I'm not sure why. She's not making a bid deal out of it tho, I'm proud of her. But it's so confusing to have a child so young w/ a period..?? I talked to her about her period for the past 6 months b/c i knew it was coming. But i feel like i need to talk to her more about sex & boys & who knows what else. I've talked to her about sex before but I never went past the part about thats how babies are made. I couldn't bring myself to explain to her why he puts "that" in "there"..... someone please give me words of wisdom or just some support b/c im really needing it bad right now.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:04 AM on Sep. 17, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • Oh my!! my daughters 8, i couldn't imagine!! I think I got my period younger... I was 10 but now that you mention it I'm scared too haha.... eeeeek! I dread that talk to my daughter about sex and boys!
    Where the heck does the time go?????

    Answer by janeenee at 10:19 AM on Sep. 17, 2009

  • I was a 9 year old that started her period. I had no idea what it was, no one told me...who would have thought I would have needed to know?!

    Follow her lead, she doesn't seem to be worried so just let it be. Make sure you are open to any questions from her, talk with her once in a while, take her to lunch have a girl day and just chat about anything girl....the menstrual stuff too. I would also make sure she knows what gets you prenant. Of course not something you want your 9 year old to know necessary, but keep it simple, factual.

    I would also try and open the line of communication about how to handle herself. Being more developed physically I was approached by boys and even men that were WAY more mature than I was and sometimes I should have handled it better.
    Good luck.

    Answer by mom2queenie2004 at 10:30 AM on Sep. 17, 2009

  • I was that '9yr.old' mother DIDN'T talk to me,and I was TERRIFIED! As long as your daughter feels she can come to you with ANY questions,it truly sounds like you will be fine.Follow her lead.Kudos to you for already talking to her about her cycles!!!

    Answer by starrsun at 11:27 AM on Sep. 17, 2009

  • I was also 9 when I started mine. My mother scared the shit out of me and my step father made fun of me. I just wished my mom would have got me a book to read about it or perhaps would not have told the entire world.

    Answer by texasgurl33 at 11:34 AM on Sep. 17, 2009

  • I was 9. My sister is two years older and started a month before I did. I sat in on a lot of their talks beforehand, and after my sister started, teh talks were focused on me. So I knew what was going on. Start talking about sex in clinical terms. Help her with her self confidence, and just follow her lead. You have already opened the door for a relationship that yields lots of late night talks. Good for you! You have some time, so take a little while to adjust, then start talking about anything you feel needs to be addressed. And always be there to answer any questions for her.

    Answer by Mom1Stepmom1 at 11:56 AM on Sep. 17, 2009

  • You did good by talking to her about it before it started. I did the same. One thing I have done to keep the communication flowing between us is to use everyday situations as conversation starters. I watch alot of tv shows with my kids and some times I'll see something that can be used as a life lesson. Maybe you can get lucky and find books on the topic that are at her level of reading. I only let those who 'need to know' that she has it. My girl is 13 now and has had it for over a year now. But we had been waiting for it since she was 10. I actually started a journal about it if you want to talk some more. I was fairly prepare by my mom and I'm sorry some of you had bad first experiences. Good luck.

    Answer by saltycoqui at 12:08 PM on Sep. 17, 2009

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