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SAHM vs Mom who doesn't work and collects child support?

What's the difference? If a mom doesn't work and gets child support, why should she have to get a job to help support their kid? If his current wife is a SAHM why is it ok that she doesn't contribute financially to raise their kids? Both moms have the same responsibilites which is to raise their kids. Why should the child without their dad there full-time have to be out a mom being with them full-time too? Who gets the short end of the stick?

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:10 PM on Sep. 18, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (8)
  • What? Child actually get it? You amaze me, please tell me your secret. I was married for 14 yrs, and when we divorced, he dropped off the face of the earth. Never have I gotten support, done it all on my own. If you get enough child support to actually stay at home and not have to work and don't have to be on public assistance good for you! Who says you have to have a job?

    Answer by salexander at 12:17 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • I agree to an extent. If the child support is enough for the BM to live on, than by all means she should stay home.

    If the Dad is struggling and is behind on child support, than the new wife has to get a job and contribute to the house hold so that the Dad can keep up with his child support payments. The BM should also get a job in this situation.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:18 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • There is a difference...

    The SAHM has a partner that is the primary bread winner for the family. They have an agreement. The SAHM stays at home to take care of the kids, while the "bread winner" does just that...wins the bread...

    The single mom has a responsibility to provide financially for her children in the same way the non-custodial parent does, usually the father, but not always.

    Circumstances are just what they are, no one ever said life is fair. You do what you got to do to take care of your own. Just because you are single does not mean you get a free ride while everyone else does their part. Stop whining, get a job! If things were different, great, stay home and raise your kids...but they arent different, so do your part!

    Oh btw...child support is just that "CHILD SUPPORT", it is meant to take care of the kids needs every month...not to pay for YOUR rent, or YOUR clothes, or YOUR your part!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:22 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • I don't think your ex should have to support you too. If his current wife stays home good for her, that's what happens when you make a marriage work. If she wants to stay home she should remarry. I could never live off of my CS but I wouldn't want to either. That money is to make sure my son is taken care of not me.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:23 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • If you CHOOSE to leave your husband, and you need money to support yourself, you need to get a job. Plain and simple. If you wanted to be a SAHM you should have stayed married.

    I use the term "you" generally, not directed at the OP or anyone else.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:25 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • Okay.. child support is for the child.. Not for some women to sit her butt at home all day and not work. I'm sorry if she wanted to be a sahm.. then she should have worked harder for her marriage to work.. Simple as that!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:28 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • Who said I left him? He cheated on me. Why should SHE get to be with her kids all the time and my child gets to suffer because they both ruined my child's life?

    They have an agreement? SO DID WE

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:00 PM on Sep. 18, 2009

  • Ex is not supposed to support you to stay home. Only husbands should.It's a give and take.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:47 AM on Sep. 19, 2009

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