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Does anyone have ahusband who is circumcised but wished he wasn't? what about the other way around?

I want several man's opinions on the matter before I decide. Yes I know it's not necessary. I have looked up all the medical stuff so no need to go there. ALL I want to know is what your husband/BF thinks of his parents decision. No fighting over the yay's or nay's of the matter. I've read them all before and I get it.


Asked by Anonymous at 3:50 PM on Sep. 22, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (13)
  • My Dh is not circumcised and wishes he was.

    Answer by luvmygrlz at 3:55 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My husband is not circumcised, neither is his son. However, my husband says the only reason he wishes he would have had it done was because his mother didn't know how to care for him when he was young and pulled his foreskin back often to clean it. So his foreskin got loose and then bacteria was able to get trapped in there. He got a bad infection when he was 15 because of that, and occasionally has odor problems because of it. My stepson, now 8 but was 5 at the time, was once told my his biomom that he needed to pull back his foreskin to wipe after he urinated, and he got toilet paper stuck in his foreskin and got an infection. I can almost guarantee you that if these women had done to research and known not to pull back the foreskin, then those wouldn't have happened. Both my brother in law and nephew are not circumcised either, one is 27 and the other is 3 and neither have had problems with theirs.

    Answer by Mom1Stepmom1 at 3:57 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My hubby is circumcised and wouldn't have it any other way. We chose to circumcise our son and will any future sons.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:03 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • Mine is also circ'd and very glad. He says if we have a son, he wants him circ'd too.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:42 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My bf is circ'd and he's happy with it.

    Answer by officerjoeys at 5:37 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My husband had to get circumcised 7 years ago. He kept himself clean but still developed some issues I won't discuss here. So circumcision was required. He wished his mom had done it when he was an infant so he would not remember the procedure. So when our son was born a few months later he was adamant our son was circumcised.


    Answer by Anonymous at 6:34 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • Dh is not circ'd and is very happy to be intact.

    Answer by SalemWitchChild at 6:39 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My x was not circumcised when I met him but after we divorced his dr made him get it done. It was for some medical reason but I can't remember, or did not care, why. He didn't seem to act like it bothered him either way.


    Answer by admckenzie at 6:47 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My DH is and we are very happy. Our son also is and we wouldn't change that.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:06 PM on Sep. 22, 2009

  • My BFF's husband was circ'd and he wishes he wasn't. He's actually fairly mad at his parents still about that. They're not circing their son

    Answer by Arisce at 10:04 PM on Sep. 22, 2009