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Since when is Cafemom...

Since when is Cafemom about bashing other moms? I came here so that I could get advice if I needed it and to meet other moms. Not to be bashed to hell and back. Yes I am young. That doesn't make me stupid. And the fact that I am asking for help if I need it just tells you that I am responsible so why does everyone have to bash?

Just chill out people.


Asked by sopheeahsmommy at 4:27 PM on Sep. 24, 2009 in About CafeMom

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Answers (9)
  • I'm sorry that they are doing this to you. It is a shame to me that women can be so hateful, and rude. It's sad that we can't come here and try to get advice, and encouragement, like we should be able too. I hate that people have been rude to you (and others) it just shouldn't be that way. I think a lot of the problem is because they can hide behind their keyboards, and don't have to do all their "bashing" to someone's face. I highly doubt that half these ladies on here are this rude in person. As Christine 0813 said, IGNORE THEM. They are just being childish and rude for no reason. ((HUGS))

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:34 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • Easier said than done dear. And Cafemom's members have been bashing the hell out of one another since day one a few years ago. Sorry your treated so badly by so many.

    Answer by vbruno at 4:29 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • Oh my, must be a bad day around here. I just answered a similar post. Ignore them. Don't let them get to you or chase you away. There are good people on here who truly do want to help each other and make friends. Feel free to add me as a friend if you like.


    Answer by Christine0813 at 4:30 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • I agree you go girl asking is being resposible and for those meanies Help is spelled H E L P not HELL

    Answer by tiffandgene2009 at 4:32 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • I agree, it's a shame people are so quick to judge. As I said to the other poster. We don't have to agree on everything, but we can disagree with a little sensitivity and class. Ignore the nasty people, there are enough nice people on here to make it worth coming back.

    My kids are older, but I was 21 when I had my first, and am a child of teen parents. Even though I'm 48, I've learned a lot from the younger moms on here, about the kind of mother in law and grandmother I want to be. I hope that I share things that help someone else out every now and then. This is an amazing opportunity for women to have support, and learn about each other, it's a shame a few people have to ruin it.

    Anyway, I also welcome new friends if you're interested!

    Answer by ohwrite at 4:37 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time on here. Not all cafemoms are bashers. I've found that a good percentage of the moms who answers these questions are quite close-minded and/or highly judgmental. Please don't be discouraged and be strong. Everyone has their own opinion and this world is not a perfect one. And I do believe you are being responsible for wanting advice and seeking help. Things happen and we gotta keep moving forward with what we are going matter how hard it is. Be strong girl...just remember not all cafemoms are like that. =)

    Answer by AneesasMom at 4:37 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • Sorry you are being trated badly. I think its just because some women on here are SO set in their ways and not open minded to other peoples beliefs that they think everyone should be doing things exactly like they do them. I just take everything people say on here with a grain of salt....

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:05 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • Not everyone does that dear. It happens a lot in the Answers section because people can hide behind "anonymous". Unfortunately, they have taken a great feature and abused it. Your best places to meet wonderful moms is in groups. You can also scan mom's pages and find similarities and start chatting that way. Hang in there because this is an AWESOME site!

    Answer by firenicecream at 6:20 PM on Sep. 24, 2009

  • I agree with the happens cause people can do it anonymously and because they are facing their screens. Guarantee you these "moms" wouldn't say or do half the stuff they talk about on here to your face.
    It's their way of feeling "big" ...whatever I guess if it makes them happy....choose to ignore the bad and embrace the beautiful...there are some terrific people on this site....don' t let this bring you down :) Good luck :)

    Answer by MamaCharity at 6:52 PM on Sep. 24, 2009