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why do some men lie about watching porn...he is still lying!

I have tried to talk to him and asked him to be honest
this morning, asked him again what he was doing last night on computer
he said he was not watching porn
but this morning, history deleted and volume was at zero
I was sleeping last night, he woke me at 11pm
was 8-11, he was on computer, he says reading his horoscope
yea right

i am not against porn in moderation, but he is increasing his watching, and his attention to me in bed is very selfish, he does not seem to care about my needs at all, I feel like a hole to him, and feel invisible to him, I could be anyone lately

why can he not be honest, I asked him to stop all porn watching for a week, month whatever because I think that he is addicted, he says he is not, but I KNOW he is lieing to my face

how dumb that this could be a deal breaker for me

he has a woman in front of him that loves him, but he chooses to 'be with' porn women and just do it

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:14 AM on Sep. 25, 2009 in Relationships

Answers (7)
  • just do it to me, when I feel like he is thinking about the porn he just watched, I want to just have NO SEX with him

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:15 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • Cause he's horny and it's easy to look at this on the internet and get off in 5 minutes and there's eye candy and he gets sucked into it. Try spicing up your love life and see if he will stop then. Good Luck, try sex counseling, get some games, do a couples retreat, buy some lingire.

    Answer by MommaRox4683 at 10:16 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • are you insecure about yourself?

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:17 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • op here

    no i am not insecure

    but he is watching anal porn first thing in am, whenever i am asleep at night, loggs off page when
    i walk into room, and lies to my face about it

    also he does not jack off watching it, but comes to bed and basically rolls me over to get off, does not even look at me

    and i am not a prude, porn is ok, but not every chance you get, and not if you forget you have a real live woman who loves you in bed and not just a way to get off

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:25 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • i agree with you, it would be a deal breaker for me as well. I caught my fiance a the time, now husband, doing what he does. We talked about and are at an agreement which I know he does still follow as do I. It made us closer to talk about both of our feelings and for him to see how much it hurt me and yes it did make feel insecure which I am normally not about myself. Before this becomes a real deal breaker I would try counseling, even if he wont go you go for yoursefl and maybe to learn how to approach the subject differently.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:25 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • op here

    not insecure feeling
    but feeling pretty invisible
    if he jacked off while watching he would not even need me as his hole

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:26 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

  • I'd be pissed, I'd tell him he isn't looking at that then gonna sleep with me and not even look at me, he'd be sleeping on the couch.

    Answer by MommaRox4683 at 10:29 AM on Sep. 25, 2009

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