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A question for vegans/ vegitarians about resturaunts

My mom invited me to go to dinner with the family at Olive Garden. I have read that the Capellini Pomodoro is vegan there but I have never had that. And was wondering if it is good. I guess I don't mind being a little laid back on my diet tonight. It's only been a month obviously I will stay away from the meat but i guess i am feeling a little guilty that i am considering allowing some dairy tonight.

HOw do you deal with resturaunts?

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Asked by jenniamigo at 4:12 PM on Sep. 26, 2009 in Food & Drink

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  • My friend approached me with an amazing idea! She wants to start an all organic, vegetarian/vegan fast food chain! I thought this was genius since I'm pretty certain there aren't any out there. Sorry I didn't answer your question, but I really just wanted to share this. What do ya think?

    Answer by kenzie07 at 4:22 PM on Sep. 26, 2009

  • If only. I wish we had places like that around here.

    Answer by jenniamigo at 5:23 PM on Sep. 26, 2009

  • My question is why vegan as opposed to vegetarian.I am neither but can easily see why some choose to be vegetarian but why vegan? This is not a bash for you or other vegans simply trying to understand.I do believe to each their own just curious.


    Answer by Anonymous at 6:10 PM on Sep. 26, 2009

  • Vegans use no animal biproducts, So a vegatarian would say drink milk or eat butter, A vegan would not. Most vegans I know will not wear leather or use non vegan beauty products where some vegatarians will. It's just a comfort zone really. I know vegatarians that will eat fish...never made much sense to me lol but thats just me. As for OP sorry, I don't eat at chain resturaunts so I am not much help. But I would make sure you ask!

    Answer by AJmum at 8:46 PM on Sep. 26, 2009

  • I'm vegan, and it was a process in the begining, transitioning, in summary, I don't believe dairy from animals is good for humans or the animals, and with factory farming, its not good for the planet either. there are many websites, some people say "meet your meat" video is very helpful for them to understand why. Factory farmed eggs too are bad on the planet, there are hormones and pesticides and prescription antibiotics in the animal foods, and the animals are treated terribly. I love how my food feels like I am doing good for the planet, animals and people. It's like I am taking a conscious stand about all living beings mattering, and I believe that when we make analogies for mistreatment of humans they usually involve being treated like an animal which supposidly is okay to mistreat, I think what if it wasn't ok, perhaps there would be less abuse towards people in this world, especially since animals can show suffering

    Answer by Imamom4sure at 12:09 AM on Sep. 27, 2009

  • as for original question: I just order without dairy or egg, as if I were allergic. I ask them to "hold" any ingredients that I don't want.
    I transitioned, emotionally it wasn't a feeling a deprivation it was the joy of being conscious, if I felt it would be a sacrifice, especially in the early months, if the food was potentially vegan, I didn't always check, but when I was ready I checked and dropped anything that had animal ingredients. We all have our process, its fun to get creative and pull foods together from different dishes to create one's own dish, I never had a problem, even fast food wise, if there was a mistake, I very nicely say it was my mistake for not explaining better, about the ingredient that I don't want, for example if I have a no cheese burrito, at Taco Bell, they may accidently give me a sauce with dairy ingredients if I don't stress no dairy, no cheese no sauce. Combining side dishes works well too

    Answer by Imamom4sure at 12:17 AM on Sep. 27, 2009

  • i'm no longer vegan, but I am gluten-free. We can't go to chain or franchise restaurants. They have most all of their food pre-portioned and you can't get anything not on the menu. The cooks don't cook at places like the olive garden-- they assemble from frozen baggies and boxes.

    when we travel, it's harder. the iPhone app "urban spoon" helps. we go to single operating unit establishments/ family owned places. the cooks can accommodate us much better. mexican restaurants are great! They will happily make you a salad or burrito with avocados and olives and vegetarian beans, so you can actually get some nutrition.

    Answer by ecodani at 9:09 AM on Sep. 27, 2009

  • I ended up getting the cappelini pomodoro. Which i've read falls into the vegan category. i ate mostly the salad though. I had no idea that the salad comes in a large bowl rather then individual bowls so you can choose your dressing. But i didn't make a scene or anything about it i just shut my mouth and did as best as I can since this was my first time out at a chain resturaunt eating vegan. I think i did pretty good. For my first time. I didn't want to embarrass my mom or appear difficult since she was footing the bill.

    Answer by jenniamigo at 9:06 PM on Sep. 27, 2009

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