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MIL issues...

My MIL is getting to me. Well truth be told she's been getting to me for a little over 9 years now, since DH and I started dating in high school. LIke when he was 18 and I was 17 (four weeks from my 18th) and she found DH's condoms in his wallet and decided to lecture us that we were too young to be having sex. Why she was inspecting his wallet at 18 years of age, I'll never know. Or how she has that fake sweetness as she insults me through her teeth. My choices are never good enough for her. Or what I do, her oldest two dd's have done before and better than me. She spent the last few years trying to get up split. Trying to convince me that DH's and my long distance relationship was going to fail and that I may as well go ahead and start dating other people. We never came close to breaking up TYVM.
Well now we're married and had two surprises. On was a NFP miscalculation (lol) the other was a paragard (cont

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:33 AM on Sep. 28, 2009 in Relationships

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  • failure. Now our first was a girl. Whom my MIL seems to love. But our second was a DS. She never gives him as many gifts or love. She always says well girls are just smarter, and prettier all the time. But slowly she's starting to pull away from DD now. You see Dh's sister just had a baby and that baby is sheer perfection. Of course her was planned...shes perfect you see.
    Now she wonders why I don't bring them by. She alwasy compares me and DH to her other daughters, and compares our babies to her other grand baby. WHen her did started to laugh she turned and said "aww, your kids starting laughing late it seems..."

    Am I wrong for wanting to be distant? SHe's hurt me so many times in the past. And now I fear she'll do it to my kids. SHe wants them to visit, then ignores them when there. How is that right?

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:36 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • ETA . Should be "her's was planned" not her was planned, LOL

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:37 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • in the same situation!!! holy cow. i hate how she treats me like crap. shes so fake and nice when shes around me but as soon as her back is turned she will have everyone against me in no time. we have been together for 2 years now and she has been trying this entire time to break us up. we have a long distance relationship also. but im moving in with him in january and she doesnt know yet. ha! but anyways....we are wanting to get married, but im so afraid that she is gonna get to me so bad taht i cant take it anymore. do u think i should marry into something like this? we love each other so much and are very strong but she hates me and i hate her haha ~sigh~ this sucks (sry i didnt let u finish)

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:38 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • Ah im afraid of just teh same exact things! my DD is not my SO's child. So I'm afraid that when we have our own kids shes going to favor the other kids and not my DD. I will not let her around my kids if she does that. Hell no! I'm not puting up with that. I think you have every right to do that. Until she grows up and treats you and your kids equally then she can just kiss it. Its her own loss.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:42 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • GROW UP and stop worrying about what MILs think...can't you think for yourself??? You are probably very annoying to her. Check you grammar errors, too, honey!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:43 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • oh shove it anon 12:43. this can become a serious issue. if youve never been in the situation you would never know.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:45 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • Hey anon 11:43. Excuse the errors jerk. Trying to feed my DS at the moment. It makes things a Little hard to type correctly as I hold a baby in one arm. Well better to have typos then a crappy personality. At least I can fix typos. But you're SOL.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:46 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • Thank you :45. I no longer care what she thinks about me or says. But if she hurts my kids, that's a totally different story.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:47 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • hahaha good one OP. i hate how ppl always say things like get over it or ignore ur MIL. but really you cant. its hard and it can put a rift in your marriage.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:47 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • LOL luckily DH and I are totally agreeing on this one. He really doesn't like his mother. She's been comparing him to his sisters all his life. Then compares him to his "deadbeat" dad. Who actually is a wonderful father.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:48 AM on Sep. 28, 2009

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