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Sophomore girl liking 8th grade boy.....opinions?

I read some inappropriate text messages sent between my son (just turned 13) and a girl (almost 16). To be fair, it was both of them saying inappropriate things. However, I was wondering if anyone else thinks it is "weird" that this girl was interested in a boy that much younger than her?

PS - My son won't be texting for a very, very long time because his phone has been confiscated!

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:49 PM on Sep. 28, 2009 in Teens (13-17)

Answers (8)
  • when i was in 10th grade i liked a boy in the 8th grade but he was 14 i was 16 LOL no big deal would it be a big deal if she were 20 & he were 17, no it wouldn't

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:51 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I think those three years make a big difference and will until they're both adults. There's a lot of growing and maturing that goes on between 12 and 21.

    Answer by geminilove at 2:52 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I bet HER parents are happy that your son is 13 and not 20! You did the right thing, I guess your son is what they consider "hot" now days, when I was in school you wouldn't be caught dead liking a younger boy! Did you call her parents and show them the text messages? If my daughter was acting out sexually I would want to know! Don't you hate it when you have to be the one telling the bad news?? I almost would rather be the one being told than the teller--good luck

    Answer by kimigogo at 2:54 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • theres a huge different between middle school and high school. like their maturity level and what they are exposed to seeing in school. i would find it inapproiate and werid and frankly i would be concerned.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:56 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • Well kids are going to do whatever they want as long as no one gets caught (and behind your back) but since you caught it just in time you did the right thing. Now the next step you can either let it go or try to get a hold of the girls parents and go from there maybe her phone can be taken away as well. Hopefully they will learn a lesson, good thing u found it when you did who knows maybe she would have send a  picture of her boobies...scary amd sad. Becareful and good luck.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:58 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I would NOT allow it. The maturity levels are just too different. Also, sending inappropriate text messages is considered sextexting and if convicted is considered a sex offense and the person caught will have to register as a sex offender for life. It is inappropriate for a 13 and 16 year old to be dating. Nope, it would not be happening in my house.

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 8:47 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I wouldn't worry about the age diff, one of them will most likely move on when they can't quite click.

    Answer by LeviM at 9:52 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • My 14 year old son had a 16 year old girl flirting with him, I told him no in no uncertain terms. Luckily he respected that and there were no issues. You are on the right path with this one!

    Answer by INKat at 12:35 AM on Oct. 28, 2009

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