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Question for Pagans or any other Non-Christians for that matter...

There have been a lot of questions lately about why don't we (Pagans) believe in god or why don't we try harder to find him... My question is this. Since most Pagans are polythiestic do you believe that the Christian God does exist? And what are your thoughts or beliefs surrounding his existance? What about Jesus? Do you believe he does or did exist? And what are your beliefs surrounding this existance?

*I will answer below as well...

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Asked by SabrinaMBowen at 4:56 PM on Sep. 28, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • I think that yes the Christian God exists, he is just not MY diety. Much like if you look at the Greek pantheon (I am so sleep deprived I am going to try ot make this make sense) Zeus was "King of the God's" all greeks awknoledged his existance yet different sections owrshiped different dietys based on region etc. Heavy farming communities would pay homage to goddess of the harvest,
    Fishing cultures relied on Possidon.
    I think the Christian interpretation is much the same, however he is not mine to worship.

    I think Jesus existed, but I think he was a man who had a wonderful message, and had a lot fo mythology saddled to him.

    Answer by Princessofscots at 5:07 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I am a hard polytheist! I do not believe that "All Gods Are One" as many do. I believe that each God is an individual entity unto himself. And I do believe in the existence of the Christian God. However, I believe he is no better or worse than all the other Gods that oversee existence... I believe in the idea of "local gods"- that when human kind came in to existence the Gods were divided up or chose to oversee or rule certain peoples. (Egyptian Gods for Egypt / Mayan Gods for Mayans) and that this is why different people had different beliefs and religious traditions, because they were all being led by different groups of Gods. So, the Christian God was simply the God that chose the Israelites and ruled them (along with Asherah for some time).


    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 5:07 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • As for Jesus, I see him as I do all demi-gods. His life was great and served it's reason, but it's over. To me he was/is a great example of how someone should live their life. He was honest and upright. He did what he knew to be right even when others were against him. And at no time did he show hate for others regardless of who they were or how they lived their lives. His example was and continues to be a great one. I do believe that he did at one time exist, there is to much proof to say otherwise. However, I don't see him as any more special than I do other profits or "god men."

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 5:10 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • The "Christian" God, which is really the same one for Jews, Christians and Muslims, exists for people of middle eastern descent. The Greek gods exist for the Greeks, the Roman for the Romans, the Heathen for the Northern European Heath-dwellers. The only reason that particular god spread beyond his rightful territory is through terrorism. Without the Romans using the faith as crowd control, it would have stayed in its relatively isolated area. He's no different, better or worse than anyone else's gods, he's just trespassed beyond his "home"

    Answer by NotPanicking at 5:10 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • YAY I got my answer in before you Sabrina, so I didn't have to say "yeah what you said"

    Answer by Princessofscots at 5:11 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I have to answer this b/c I have seen you here and you answer religious questions and similar questions pertaining to beliefs....sooooo, in my teens I had some real intune spiritual experiences and insight to make me believe the way I do, I wasn't on acid, but I grew up in a very religious family and was raised baptist, both of my grandfather's are preachers. I'd listen to what I was taught and didn't believe in all of it from a young age, I've watched tv and the history shows on religion and this and that and when they find facts I believe them but some things for me are intuition. My beliefs are, nothing is black or white, there is a gray area, there is good and evil and the choices you make you have consiquences good or bad, and I believe in God, angels, and evil spirits for that matter, but I don't worsip Jesus, I believe he was a good man and a teacher and had good morales and values to teach but that he was just a pers

    Answer by MommaRox4683 at 5:17 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • As a non-believer, I think it's quite possible a man named Jesus existed 2k years ago. Just like there was a St Nicholas, King Arthur, Billy the Kid, and countless other figures whose lives have been turned into legends over time. Propoganda sells, and people want to believe their heros are bigger than life. Rumor all too often is accepted as fact, and since much of the New Testament was written after Jesus' life, I find it more than likely his miracles/life were fabricated or illusions. JMO.

    As far as there being any god around, I have no idea.

    Answer by anng.atlanta at 5:18 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I don't believe any gods exist and that includes the pagan gods. However their beliefs are theirs and mine are mine.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 5:18 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • Cont~ I believe, that there is life after death, and that life and death is a cycle, we come from somewhere good (heaven), then to life in this world, then to pay for our debts in another one, and there it's as bad as the things we did, we reap what we sew, but to me it's a life similar to the one's we live now, the outcome is based on what we did in our previous life. Then when we die there we go live a better life, then are born again to this world. It's a cycle, hard to explain, but I also have theories based on the planets, nine lives, nine planets. But our lives are good or bad based on the previous one. My theory and something I came up with, but I do believe in Heaven and Hell and God for that matter.


    Answer by MommaRox4683 at 5:21 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

  • I believe in a Christian God and in Jesus, but I do not believe that we are currently practicing their teachings as they intended us to (well, I should say many religions are not). I think religion is more about what you CAN do, not what you can abortion, being gay, ect... I believe the basic principles are being lost and we are moving to an us vs them type of world, rather than the harmony and blending of beliefs as God intended. As far as what you CAN do- you can accept and love others as you would yourself, you CAN pray for strength to guide you through lifes tough spots-NOT asking for GOD to bring you more money or whatever, you CAN be tolerant, you CAN interpret the bible in ways current scholars do not, you CAN be a Christian and drink, you CAN be a sinner and worthy of Gods love!

    Answer by wildboyz1994 at 5:34 PM on Sep. 28, 2009

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