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Talking Dirty

I'm trying SO HARD to learn how to talk dirty to DH. I've been reading online articles, watching light porn on the internet (I'm wondering what they say to each other) and the one time i try to say something hot in bed i say "i love you"...that was SO LAME! I'm sure he appreciated it though, but i was trying to be dirty, not mushy. When we were just friends, oh some 7 years ago, he told me that he dated a girl that talked dirty to him & he LOVED it. I always remembered that. And now that we've been married 5 years, i would like to add some more excitement. What kinds of things are good to try when introducing dirty talk in the bedroom? I don't want to freak him out off the bat. Any reccomendations? I want to look smooth, not like I'm trying too hard. Ya know? I hate it but i can be REALLY shy in the sack :(


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Asked by Anonymous at 2:44 PM on Oct. 2, 2009 in Relationships

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  • just start with little that feels so good, or i like it when you....., be a little more vocal in general in bed if you aren't already (moans, groans all that kinda stuff...) and if you aren't comfortable with it, it'll be obvious so just throw one or two little things out there one night, see if he notices and go from there. or if you throw something out there and realize you like to talk dirty than go with the flow.

    Answer by vabchmommy at 2:46 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • A mutual friend of my DH and I has A LOT of sexual experience and gave us some pointers about sex that helped. We do not talk dirty, but he told us that if you can't think of anything to say, then you should just say what you're doing to them. Like I'm massaging your balls....etc. I hope this helps.

    Answer by lowencope at 2:48 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • try sexting which is dirty talk through texting. it would help you oipen your mind up to dirty talking wihtout the embrasment. then when you get hot and bothered and he gets home it's easier to carry off where you guys left off. i like to tell my husband what images i have in my head or new things that i would like to try. we text about what he would like to do to me and what i would do for him or want him to do for me. it really depends on what style of sex your into so it's hard for me to tell you by words what to say but texting is very helpful. plus he would never expect a sex text unless you already do this then i wasted time typing.

    Answer by melody77 at 2:49 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • just say one or 2 lines each time and after awhile they will start to come to u in bed.

    You could wisper in his ear..Can I come on u?

    or I like it deep like that, you fill me up...just a few ideas lol

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:56 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • op here

    You know, i HAVE tried sexting. One time when i was at work i sent him something naughty, & then he texed me back saying "then use your dildo" he later said he was joking, but i was trying to be sexy & i felt like it didn't really work & it made me feel stupid. I JUS texted him earlier & said, "i 've been thinking about you all day mmmmmmmm!" totally dorky, but i thought the mmmm part would imply that they are naughty thoughts. He never replied..... I have trouble initiating anyway, he makes it harder to sometimes. I want to talk dirty in person though, i'm just so friggen shy I'm not sure i can go through w/ it. But when i fantasize about it, it turns me on big time. So, i really want to work on it. Thanks for the advice ladies.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:57 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • thanks for the idea's....that's what i need...a friggen dialog, then i can practice my sexy! Really though, i'm thinking of buying a book w/ dirty talk dialog. That's what i'm looking for, i just don't know what to say.

    op here

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:59 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • honestly u dont have to be looking him in the face. It may be easier if he is behind you the first time so you arent face to face or if he is really close so you can say it in his ear. He shoulda got the mmmmm hint. I think you did fine starting it, he may just be busy at work.

    Tell him you are going to make him take it all night..IDK Im trying to think of a few more one liners for ya. lol

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:05 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • Cosmopolatin magazine reported that the sexist thing a woman can say to a man is "I'm coming." That's sure to get him to notice.

    Answer by SaraP1989 at 3:08 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • OP here;

    you know Sarah, that is the ONE thing i will tell him. I do want him to know that I'm cumming, coming...whatever.....but after saying that EVERY time, i feel like i should throw something else in there. It's gotten old. I think "ooo that feels so good" sounds kinda fake, even though i wouldn't be lying. I kind of would like it if he called me *GASP* a slut. Because in my head i want to act like one, but in the bedroom....i get too shy. I thought, maybe if he called me a slut, i might feel like one. Is that beyond kinky? I have no idea how to ask him this.

    I also want to tell him to f me in certain places, but i choke up & get scared. I want him to call me a slut, but i don't want him to really think i am one, I'm not. He's my one & only. I guess I'm a lil Sorry if that got graphic.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:15 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

  • One thing you can tell guys that they ALWAYS love to hear is when you tell them how big and hard they are so use that (even if it isn't true, lol), my dh never fails to smile when i say that.

    I'm not keen on the "slut" angle, because we both know I am not one, so I think its better if you stick to compliments and kind of "reporting" on whats going on (example "OMG, when you hit that spot I wannna orgasm!") ("I just love your dick!")

    good luck

    Answer by JustAMom2008 at 3:57 PM on Oct. 2, 2009

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