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My DD hates tummy time

When I go to put her on her tummy she gets really frusterated and eventually cries. She has been lifting her head since we brought her home.. so i'm not really concerned about that part of it.. but does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to keep her interested in tummy time, even if its only for 5 mins?

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Asked by itsbree2you at 11:31 AM on Oct. 6, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (6)
  • Try laying down with her on her tummy on your chest.
    That was the only way we could get dd to do it. But then she could see me and it made her a lot happier.

    Answer by Princessofscots at 12:31 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

  • My daughter hated tummy time. She would scream the entire time, not matter what we tried. The screaming stopped until she started moving.

    Answer by rkoloms at 12:31 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

  • my son isn't a big fan of tummy time either, but he is lifting his head well so we're not too concerned either, but i usually put him on his boppy, he usually is able to do it between 5 and 8 mins, and if i sit with him he usually stays pretty happy.

    we also have a bouncer he gets in now (he's 12 weeks) and we just place a blanket behind him for a little support, but he loves it, and it really helps with his neck strength, and he giggles the whole time he is in it.

    Answer by 1st_time_mom23 at 12:34 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

  • My son used to love tummy time now i cant set him down without him screaming. He is 4 months old now. And i dont know what changed. as soon as he realizes that hes about to go on his tummy he throws a fit. Im not sure what to do about it. I try to just leave him there but then he rolls over and gets even more pissed. Let me know if you find something that works.

    Answer by Shelii at 12:38 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

  • My 7 month old -still- hates tummy time. Hahaha. I put him on his tummy and he rolls off of it and immediately sits up and makes an angry face at me. He also does that if he rolls himself onto his tummy.

    I don't think he's going to crawl since he's already sitting up and pulling up on things. He may butt-scoot but he hates being on his tummy.

    I don't know what to do about it, so I just ignore it and if he can roll both ways, sit up, and pull up, I figure it's really not that important at this point.

    I guess just keep trying til your baby either likes it or does what mine does. hahaha

    Answer by JamesAndMe at 12:52 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

  • And what to do to keep her interested? Get down there with her face to face, try putting toys in front of her face, try blowing raspberries on her back, talk to her in an animated voice, sing.. If she still hates it don't -force- the subject. Try making sure it's not when her tummy is too full or she needs to poop (my son likes to poop sitting up).. If she goes 30 seconds and screams, just try again later.

    Answer by JamesAndMe at 12:55 PM on Oct. 6, 2009

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