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Foods toddlers can and can not eat..

My doctor said not to give honey, nuts, shellfish, or mushrooms to a 1yr old. I didn't ask her about jello.. My son is almost 14months..

What are some other foods I should stay away from?

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Asked by alinker at 10:56 PM on Oct. 13, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • well my doctor has yet to tell me ANYTHING that i should stay away from. I feel like i always get the doctors that dont care at all. THey tell you hhoney nuts and shellfish stuff liket hat bec apparently it causes allergies or something, but....i dont know. i guess i dont believe it. i kinda always wonder...but i do it anyway. i have always heard that you should give a baby under a year real milk. i started my son on 2% milk at 8 months..... i guess im just not the best person to ask! lol

    Answer by CassCass at 11:06 PM on Oct. 13, 2009

  • I feed my daughter both nuts and mushrooms. I've never heard you can't give mushrooms. I feed DD nuts because we don't have a family allergy history and its a personal belief that lack of exposure plays a role in sensitivity. However, let me add POPCORN to your list of do not feed. A guy's 2 year old choked and died recently here from eating it. It was a heartbreaking story. I don't know when its ok to give it to them, but its not now!

    Answer by mrs_pulley at 11:18 PM on Oct. 13, 2009

  • oh the honey thing is because it can't be pasturized. You shouldn't give little ones unpasturized items I thought until they were a year but I could be wrong.

    Answer by mrs_pulley at 11:19 PM on Oct. 13, 2009

  • Honey has an allergen in it that can't be fought off by an under-developed immune system, not because of pasteurization. Nuts and shellfish because they are very common allergies that can cause immediate, deadly reactions that are hard to treat for a young body, not because of the exposure issue. Strawberries are a similar story. It is less likely to have these reactions if there is no family history of allergies, but I always say better safe than sorry when it comes to little ones!

    Answer by Iskkra at 11:30 PM on Oct. 13, 2009

  • Well my son has feeding issues , he doesn't like to eat anything it seems as he's gotten older it's gotten worse. I just had an appt. with a GI gastro and because of his feeding issues one of the things that they are doing is testing him for allegies.He told me they are not always signs to a food allegies. I don't think that's his problem through. He also mentioned other causes and one cause he mentioned has to do with low muscle tone in his trunk . One other thing peanut butter

    Answer by ethan21 at 11:30 PM on Oct. 13, 2009

  • The reason drs tell you to stay away from honey isn't because it has an allergen, it has a bacteria (clostridium botulinum, to be exact) that babies immune systems aren't strong enough to fight off. The things you can't feed a toddler - whole grapes, whole hot dogs, and popcorn. Those are the only things I can think of that are a no after the age of 1. And peanut butter if you have a family history. I've never heard of not giving them mushrooms. Jello is fine - the jigglers can be a lot of fun!

    Answer by missanc at 8:43 AM on Oct. 14, 2009

  • i didn't know about dd eats it all the time with us.....with lots of milk after every few bites to wash it down..she loves it, and handles it just fine...i always heard strawberries and eggs after a year old bc of allergies...

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:28 AM on Oct. 14, 2009

  • The only thing I've heard is honey. My dd (14 mo) has started eathing whole popcorn ( we used to bite all the hulls off for her or buy her the hull-less stuff), but they other day she just dug right in & started eating before we could stop her & does just fine with it. She eats little nuts and peanut butter but we have no history of allergies of that in our families. Just introduce things slowly and a little at a time. Jello should be just fine, I've tried it with my dd but she gags on the texture of it! lol!

    Answer by slynnb at 12:15 PM on Oct. 14, 2009

  • You never give honey because it can carry botulism and young children can't clear out the toxins as easily as adults so they could die. Also, never give strawberries,eggs, and cow's milk under 1 year of age. Reasons are possible severe allergies to strawberries and eggs. Younger children are more likely to react even if they have no history or family allergies. They don't want you to give cows milk because it does not provide the need vitamins, minerals, and fat calories that formula or breast milk does. Children under one need fat and protein for proper brain development. Then, when they turn one they may have only whole cow's milk they need whole milk for the fat and protein unless your doctor says otherwise. Popcorn is a choking hazard and also the hull can block the intestine in a young child. Hope these answers help.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:45 AM on Nov. 11, 2009

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