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My almost 3wk old son will not sleep on his back! He crys if he is on his back but if i put him on his belly he will sleep good! I dont put him on his belly at night but he wakes up about every 30 mins! I dont know what else to do any advice

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:14 PM on Oct. 15, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (5)
  • What is wrong with letting him sleep on his tummy? Your child shouldn't have a bottle when he goes to bed anyway so tummy or back, it really doesn't make a difference. My son slept on his back for the first 6 months, then switched over to his tummy for about 3 months, then back to his back. At about 4 wks I put a SMALL amount of baby cereal in my son's bottle. The extra umph in his meal helped him sleep longer, but don't expect him to sleep more than a couple of hours. Also, I didn't let my son sleep with me, but I had the bassinet next to the bed where I slept, it made things a lot easier, it also made it easier when it was time for him to move out of my room because he was already used to sleeping in his own bed. Give it time, the world is still new to him. Best of luck, and be patient with him.

    Answer by Eco-Mother at 9:27 PM on Oct. 15, 2009

  • I always hated putting my kids on their backs to sleep...I always put them on their side. I was afraid that if I put them on their backs, and if they threw up then they would drown in their own vomit.....scary but it has happened before!!!! So....Side it is!! :)

    My 5 month old is rolling over onto his stomach to sleep. Every time I lay him down he always ends up on his stomach.....but you know...he sleeps better like that!!! I just make sure he has nothing blocking his face so he can breathe....

    Answer by mominbolt at 9:28 PM on Oct. 15, 2009

  • My son was the same way, if ur son takes a pacifier then this is what i did, his peditrician told me to do this, put him to sleep with a pacifier that will prop his face a lil to where he can still breath through his nose, so i went and bought him the soothie pacifier for infants, i gave it to him when just until he was old enough to sleep on his tumy on his own, also i tried laying him on his side by rolling up a soft blanket or get a cylinder shaped throw pillow and place it behind him so he will be slightly angled on his back but still on his side, I hope this helps good luck

    Answer by waterlily89 at 9:32 PM on Oct. 15, 2009

  • My little girl is 6 weeks and she has layed on her side since the day she was born, if she lays on her back she tilts her head to the side. But she sleeps from 12 to six.
    U just put a blanket behind her.

    Answer by Juhhmell at 10:44 PM on Oct. 15, 2009

  • Some babies do prefer to sleep on their tummies rather then their backs. But check with your doctor first before going that route. It could be that your little one has acid reflux and when laid on back it could be giving burns or pains. I do foster care for infants and have had several little ones with acid reflux... each of them preferred to sleep on their tummies rather then their back.

    Answer by cmy3kids at 12:39 AM on Oct. 16, 2009

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