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IS this bad?

Do u think it will be ok for me to have a coffee this morning? I have not had any sleep due to my 19month old and im 28 weeks prego.. I have only had 1 coffee in 7months and I really need one.. Could it hurt my baby for me to have one coffee from star bucks/?


Asked by Anonymous at 10:30 AM on Oct. 20, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (8)
  • My OB recommends keeping the caffeine to less than a cup a day. The reasoning is that if you're drinking caffeinated beverages, you're not drinking the good things (milk juice and water) that the baby needs.
    Have the darn coffee and enjoy! I think Mom's mood is just as important as what you eat/drink.

    Answer by jenwmuot at 11:07 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • You can ask for 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf.
    It's not good, but not the end of the world, either.
    If you can find other ways to feel better, it might be a good idea.
    (A nap is one way, lol. Lots of water and healthy foods, too.)

    Answer by doulala at 10:36 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • A cup of coffee isn't going to make that much difference--- if any. I'm not a coffee drinker, but there have been a couple times already in this pregnancy (I'm 8w) where I've been about ready to kill for some caffiene, just to get me though. (I'm not a pop person either---- 99% of the time its just water or milk for me).

    Answer by IrishMommaC at 10:39 AM on Oct. 20, 2009


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:40 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • Personally, I say go for it! I couldn't stay away from caffeine with either of my pregnancies (I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love Coke and Dr. Pepper). I would say that one white chocolate mocha isn't going to harm you or baby...but your baby may have a good sugar buzz after!!!


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:46 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • The mocha, especially if a single shot, has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. But a lot of sugar, too. :- (

    Answer by doulala at 11:00 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • I dont listen to what everybody says about caffiene...they say caffiene isn ot good for you no matter if your pregnant or not.
    I drank caffiene everyday with my daughter and my entire pregnancy, labor and there after was just fine.
    I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and drink soda everyday at work and sometimes french vanilla cappachinos. It wont hurt you or the baby especially if you ahve only had one cup of coffee since youve been pregnant.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:02 AM on Oct. 20, 2009

  • My OB said, two cups a day will not hurt me. Ask your OB... I had my coffee in the morning. LOL....

    Answer by goldielock37 at 11:45 AM on Oct. 20, 2009