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What works better than Desitin for severe redness?

I don't know what is causing this but lately my son has been extremely red on his butt after passing bowls. I know oranges caused this before but he hasn't had any and is still having painful redness. He screams when I try to apply desitin. I tried the A&D ointment, it doesn't burn him but doesn't improve it either. I've been giving him oatmeal baths to soothe the irritation but what can I put on him in the diaper that will speed the healing process?

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Asked by tresa2steppin at 9:30 PM on Oct. 22, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (15)
  • I like Balmex the clear one.

    Answer by momtopreemie521 at 9:39 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • If oranges did it before, take a closer look at what he's eaten. Anything citrus, anything manufactured where they use citrus flavoring even (think cross contamination of nut products...similar idea)

    My son has a sensitivity to citrus and he can't even have gummy fruit snacks.

    As for the redness....neosporin to heal and a barrier cream to keep any liquid off (which is all destin, balmex or a&d are). Sit in a tub with baking soda only, don't use any soap on him until he's healed and don't use wipes (wet wash cloth)

    Answer by TiccledBlue at 9:43 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • Are you using the ointment or paste? Paste is much, much thicker and difficult to wipe off, and it has a medicated scent. That stuff works better when it comes to forming a protective barrier... and does not wipe off easily. Destin has the paste version of the ointment. Surprisingly enough, it's cheaper than the other stuff. Or ask the pharmacist for calmoseptine ointment. I'm not sure if I spelt it right. It's the best. They usually have it behind the counter or order it. My son's pediatrician office gives me samples when I ask for it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:46 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • You can also apply neosporin first and then apply destin over the neosportin.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:47 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • vaseline or triple antibiotic ointment work great

    Answer by NicMorgan at 9:48 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • I always liked Dr. Smith Diaper Ointment. It is a little jar but it goes a very long way. It is the best there is as far as I'm concerned. I used it at different times over 25 yrs on 5 different kids. In fact I still use it because my 5 yr old sometimes doesn't wipe well at school. He will be very red and irritated around his anus. After his bath swab a bit on and it is gone by morning.

    Answer by GrnEyedGrandma at 10:08 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • ok this is going to sound really odd but my mother put this on my kids when she watched them.. BAG BALM.. yes I said bag balm. It smells nasty but it heals ALMOST every diaper rash.. Poor baby.. I know how he feels..

    Answer by fireangel0310 at 10:14 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • When Desitin doesn't work on our son, it's because it's a yeast infection (if oranges weren't the culprit or I had cut him off of them and still had redness in 2 days) and for a yeast infection, you can use Clotrimazole 1% cream. It's OTC and by the foot fungus stuff at the store. (To give you an idea of what it is, Clotrimazole 2% cream is Vagisil, which I wouldn't use on him,) but when we had a rash that didn't go away, the dr prescribed the Clotrimazole 3x a day for 10 days, and the pharmacy told me it was over the counter. Go figure. Any bad, bad rash, you really should let a doctor look at, it could turn into a staph infection. PS-I also used baby powder with the ointment and triple antibiotic ointment on every diaper change that I didn't use Clotrimazole on. Use it a few days (dr said 7 days) after the redness goes away to make sure it doesn't return. Yeast is hard to get rid of. Good luck!

    Answer by doodlebopfan at 10:43 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • hydrocortison 1% can be buy over the counter and it works better than Destiny.

    Answer by zip10469 at 10:51 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

  • I used Lansinoh lanolin (the same stuff you put on sore nipples when you're nursing), and it worked great for my daughter. She screamed and cried when I put the Desitin and Balmex stuff on her, but the Lansinoh was soothing.

    Answer by raybird1031 at 11:23 PM on Oct. 22, 2009

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