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8 month old has not been sleeping through the night for weeks

My daughter is 8 months old and has not been sleeping through the night for weeks ... waking up for a bottle or she wants to play ..... she is not doing the same time everynight but she wakes up at least 2 times hungry and will scream uptil you feed her.... She uusally goes back to sleep no problem i just dont want her to get used to eating at night,,,, Does any one have any ideas ? she has been teething in the past but does not seem to be cutting any teeth right now ......

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:14 AM on Oct. 23, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (4)
  • This is completely normal. Back when our parents were babies, no one thought twice about feeding a less than one year old at night, but now pop psychology makes parents feel like failures if their babies aren't sleeping through the night at 6 months old. Some babies that age are sleeping through the night, but some aren't. Every baby is different and some are legitimately hungry at night. My son is 18 months old and just gave up his middle of the night feeding 2 weeks ago.

    If she's hungry, eats, and goes back to sleep, then feed her and don't worry about it. She'll outgrow that feeding when she's ready.

    As far the wanting to play, sometimes that happens if their bedtime is too late and their little body clocks get off. Anything past 8pm is too late for an 8 month old. Also, placing a glow worm in the crib has helped us a lot. Baby listens to it over and over until they fall asleep.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 9:32 AM on Oct. 23, 2009

  • She may be getting teeth. When babies reach new milestones in development it is often common for their sleep patterns to change. If this is becoming an issue for you, try letting her cry it out. It is hard but it works. My son was out of control with getting up every 3 hrs or so to eat. Finally I let him cry it out one night and he has slept through ever since. Good luck.

    Answer by salexander at 10:57 AM on Oct. 23, 2009

  • Have you tried putting cereal in her bottle? Also try a light up mobile with movement so she can watch until she gets tired and falls asleep on her own. Teaching her to fall asleep without eating will be hard nights of crying and restlessness, but will pay off in the end. Do you have a good nighttime routine? Sometimes letting her know that it is bedtime soon will calm her down enough that she sleeps restfully all night. I know that my son is ready for bedtime about thirty minutes after I put him in his jammies, and he is six months old.

    Answer by BabyMama648 at 11:38 AM on Oct. 23, 2009

  • My son is 9.5 months old. He started doing the EXACT same thing less than a month ago. He'd wake up screaming, take a bottle, diaper change, and go back to bed. We weren't used to it and it was rough on my husband and I. We finally started giving him more formula before bed. It's the most he gets at any feeding. The only time he'll eat that much. He's very good about letting us know when he's full. He'll usually eat anywhere between 4-6 oz per feeding, at bed time he'll easily do 8-9 oz and he is sleeping through the night again. Good luck!

    Answer by appleofhzi at 1:31 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

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